"The DCT literally has nothing today." Every Emory student has been guilty, at one time or another, of saying this phrase. We are subjected to slimy vegetables, lines that are way too long, and meats that have the texture of rubber.

The cons of DCT food can seem to outweigh the pros, causing gym-goers, athletes, and others to have a difficult time reaching their macronutrient goals. So in light of these universal horrors of college dining, how can you make sure that you are maximizing your protein intake at the DCT you need in the most delicious way possible? I'll offer some tips to help you out.


Imagine that you've somehow managed to wake up before breakfast at the DCT ends. It's time to start your day off right with the most balanced meal you can have, but you're wondering what you should do to get the most protein possible this early in the morning.

The answer is either the eggs or the tofu scramble. The eggs provide an abundant amount of protein at around six grams per egg. With DCT serving sizes tending to be anywhere from two to four eggs, this protein really adds up. Though the eggs might be slightly dry and tasteless, all they need are a couple of packets of salt, pepper, and a drizzle of sriracha to really boost the flavor.

For those who don't eat eggs, the tofu scramble is actually a near-perfect substitute. Tofu scramble contains about 13 grams of protein in its typical serving size, which is about two eggs worth of protein. Unlike a lot of other plant-based protein options, tofu is a complete protein because it contains all nine amino acids; therefore, it is one of the best vegan protein alternatives to meat.

Another breakfast option that is often overlooked is cottage cheese. With 1.2 grams of protein for every tablespoon, it becomes so easy to fulfill your macronutrient goals by simply loading up on the treat. Even consider making it tastier by adding in fruits and honey.


For lunch, the variety kicks in. Though there are sometimes interesting options, such as gyro meat, these rotate daily; thus, the sources of protein I'd recommend are those that are consistently there.

The best go-to way to get some protein is to head over to the sandwich section and order a turkey sandwich. With about 10 grams of turkey for every couple of slices, and given that the kind sandwich ladies always end up giving you several slices, it is so easy to make a custom and delicious high-protein sandwich.

Fire and Spice typically serves some sort of lentils, which is a fantastic source of protein. Even though lentils do not have all the amino acids one needs, eating them with brown rice would create a complete meal. The tofu and meat dishes of Fire and Spice would also suffice.

Additionally, though the grilled chicken is bland and rubbery, shredding it using a pair of forks and tossing it with some rice or a salad and sriracha is a great option. Each piece has about 10 to 12 grams of protein, so shredding even just two would be fantastic for your protein goals.

Dinner and Dessert

Dinner is very similar to lunch but with one key addition—the chicken drumsticks and wings at 605 Kitchen in the back of the DCT. The seasoning, surprisingly, is perfect, and the chicken itself is incredibly tender. Each drumstick has about 13 grams of protein. This is probably your single best bet for a high amount of protein in the most delicious way possible.

Dessert can also be a good source of protein. Chocolate milk has a considerably high amount for something so sweet with about eight grams for a single glass. If you want to end your day with a treat that can add to your protein goals, chocolate milk is your answer.

Though the food may not always be the most consistent or the easiest to digest with diet goals in mind, these easy methods of maximizing your protein intake at the DCT should greatly help in at least feeling satisfied with every meal.