I'm not exactly a huge sports gal, but I am sporty enough to know that March Madness has begun. Oh, you're wondering what my favorite part of sports games is? Thank you so much for asking! The best part of ANY watch party is, of course, the snacks. With the tournament in full swing, if you're super athletic like me, you're going to be chowing down on LOTS of tasty treats. But which march madness snacks should you make? After lots of intensive field research and nail-biting match-ups (aka a survey of 50 fans), I have narrowed things down to only the greatest tailgate snacks. Here is the March Madness Snack Bracket!

Round 1: Sandwich Showdown

shakeshack, fries, burger, shackburger, crinklefries, hamburger, tray, lettuce, tomao
Justin Oh

In this classic match-up, burgers took on hot dogs to see which sandwich would ball the hardest. Burgers won in a whopping victory, with 84.7% of fans voting them as their preference. Who let the dogs out?

Round 2: Cheesy Challenge

Mozzarella sticks

travel oriented on Flickr

Not to be cheesy, but this game was so easy. In Pizza Rolls vs. Mozzarella Sticks, Mozzarella Sticks took the dub with a popularity of 76.9%. Cue the cheese pull. 

Round 3: Meat Madness

chicken, meat, sauce, chicken wings, pork
Taylor Wright

In the battle Ribs vs. Wings, the victor flew high in yet another runaway game. Wings had a popularity of 81.2%, resulting in a big loss for BBQ joints everywhere.

Round 4: Chips & Dips

Sophia Kolodzinski

An absolute tailgate essential, this doubleheader matched up Potato Chips vs. Doritos as well as Spinach & Artichoke Dip vs. Buffalo Chicken Dip. Potato Chips surged ahead with 76.9% preference, followed closely behind by Spinach & Artichoke Dip with a nail-biting finish of 51.5%. These two make a fantastic team!

Round 5: Mexican Mayhem

cheese, sauce, meat, vegetable, dairy product, tomato, nachos, pasta
Sami Canavan

Watch your fouls, because these Mexican treats are playing dirty. The match of Nachos vs. Quesadillas saw lots of blood, sweat, and tears, and ended in a perfect tie: 50% to 50%. Can a tie even happen in basketball? Who knows!

Round 6: Dessert Destruction

chocolate, blueberry, cookie
Spoon Csu

Who will take the ultimate cake? In the last round, desserts, the game is Brownies vs. Cookies. Cookies taste sweet, sweet victory with 61.5% of fans voting them as their preference.

Happy March Madness, and happy snacking! May your bracket be successful, and may your snacks be delicious.