Tailgating has evolved quite a lot over the years. And not just a couple years, like, over 150+ years. According to National Geographic, tailgating first got its start back in 1861 during the Civil War. People reportedly showed up in their wagons with food and booze at the First Battle of Bull Run to witness the Union vs. Confederate soldiers.

Today, the concept of eating and drinking before (or during) a game still exists, but a simple six-pack and a burger doesn’t exactly cut it. There are cheesy dips to be scooped, chili to simmer, hot dogs to roll in crescent dough, and wings to grill, people! In order to get game ready, check out this tailgate checklist with everything you need to cook and eat, and take your tailgate to the modern level. 

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Portable Slow Cooker


This portable slow cooker by Hamilton Beach was pretty much made for football season. Besides being covered in yard lines, it has a clip-tight sealed lid for transporting your dips, wings and meatballs from your home to the parking lot. 

#SpoonTip: If you're feeling extra, check out this football shaped slow cooker. Yep, this is real. 

TrayCups Party Plates


Tailgating is fun, but it can be hard to eat and drink at the same time with a plate in one hand, a cup in the other, and no place to take a seat. So, don't use both hands to hold everything, use one. These party plates have a spot for your solo cup and snacks. 

Snack Stadium


This disposable snack stadium can hold everything from sandwiches and wraps, to veggies and chips. The corners also have space to hold dips and spreads in place, and, your call, but the open center (aka the field) is practically meant to hold a tray of buffalo chicken dip.

Portable Grill


This George Forman portable propane gas grill is easy to take on the go—it folds up and has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. You can grill up to 4 hours using a 1 lb propane tank. 

#SpoonTip: Separate the grill from the rest of your spread and use a table like this one. You'll get some elbow room to grill as people flock to the other prepared foods (and first dibs on a burger).

Disposable Charcoal Grill


If you don't want to worry about storing a grill when it's time to go to the game, get yourself a disposable charcoal grill. Arguably, it might not be as quick cooking as a George Foreman, but it cooks for at least an hour and a half and there's no clean up required.

Foldable Table With Cupholders 


This table is foldable, so it's easy to set up and later stash in the car. However, it also has cupholders, so no one can knock your full glass of Fadorade over. #gamechanger

Car Trunk Organizer With Cooler


Don't let your favorite Touchdown Chili spill in your car on the way to the tailgate (OMG, can you imagine?!?). Instead, hold your slow cooker, snacks, drinks or whatever with a trunk organizer and cooler.

Electric Cooler/Warmer


This electric cooler is a lot like a mini fridge. You can plug it into an outlet if there's one nearby, or plug it right into your car with its adapter. There's no ice required; just plug it in and fill it up. The space you'd usually use for ice, can be replaced with more food and drinks (!!). Also, unlike a traditional cooler, this one can be set to keep food warm. 

Jumbo Flip Cup


Just because the cups in this Jumbo Flip Cup game are, well, jumbo, doesn't mean you should fill them up all the way. Actually, please don't. The bigger size is really just more fun for flipping, ya know?