For a lot of people, Home and Garden TV is simply something to put on the TV whilst making dinner or doing some other busy work. However, there is a population of people that live and breathe HGTV. If you're one of those people, there are a few places you have to go. One of these magical destinations includes Magnolia Farms in Waco, Texas. This compound is brought to you by Chip and Joanna Gaines—the power couple that stars in Fixer Upper, the home renovation show that remakes homes into local dream houses. 

Even though the Gaines's rose to stardom because of their amazing decor skills, Magnolia Farms is much more than just a place for the typical homeowner—a foodie can have a great time, too! 

What's in Magnolia Farms?   

Maddie Collins

The Magnolia Farms compound includes a giant building filled to the brim with home decor the Gaines' picked out. On Fixer Upper, the couple creates households that are modern yet have a classic touch. That style is perfectly echoed in their store!

Joanna Gaines is also known for putting personal and meaningful touches in every house she stages. In many episodes, she works with a local welder to make industrial lettering to reflect something important for their client. Their store is no exception—the metallic letter board here perfectly embodies the 'Gaines' style. 

Maddie Collins

Now, on to the part everyone is here for.  I guess a home isn't really complete unless there is good food close by, right? Magnolia Farms is absolutely no exception. When I went, their restaurant, Magnolia Table, was closed (unfortunately). BUT I was able to indulge in their numerous food trucks set up in the yard. It was literally a perimeter of calories and cheese and anything anyone would ever want to eat. 

When I get there, what should I eat? 

Maddie Collins

While everything looked amazing, naturally I went for the cheesiest thing I could find—the Cheddar Box truck. The first thing we got was called "Mr. T" mac and cheese. This legendary "Mac daddy" as they called it is smothered with white cheddar and a lemony rosemary. In a way, you almost felt healthy eating it because lemon always makes you feel better about yourself (you know it's true). Tell me this doesn't look absolutely bangin'! 

After seeing that Mac, there was no way we couldn't get another Cheddar Box masterpiece. So, we went with the "That's My Jam" grilled cheese. The combination of crispy bread, gooey cheese, and sweet jam make this sandwich a must-have. 

Maddie Collins

Wow! Do they have anything else? 

Ohhhhh, yes. Magnolia Farms has it all. Before leaving, there was one last thing we had to do. If you watch the show, you know Joanna bakes. Oh yes, not only does she design incredible houses but she also makes *even better* baked goods! You can find these can't miss goodies in Silo's Baking Co. 

There are flavors on flavors on flavors to choose from. My personal favorite was the special coconut cupcake they had when I visited, the "Silobration" cupcake, which is a vanilla cake, chocolate buttercream frosting, doused with rainbow sprinkles. It is definitely worth the celebration!

But if you come having left your sweet tooth at home, there will most certainly be something for you! The "Prized Pig" biscuit is hands down the best biscuit I've ever had. Who doesn't love bacon and cheddar to begin with? But then you combine it with a carefully made, dense yet flaky biscuit and it's all you need. 

Needless to say, Magnolia Farms in Waco, Texas is everything a Fixer Upper fan could dream of and more. The Gaines family has mastered the idea of what it means to create a real home—beauty, good memories, and even better, food!