I don't know about you, but this quarantine has brought back my love of cereal. There are only so many combinations of eggs and cheese to eat before you get bored. However, cereal comes in a variety of flavors making it ideal for breakfast. Normally, I'd steer clear from cereal because of it's excessive sugar content, but Magic Spoon has made cereal healthier than ever before. 

Magic Spoon Honey Nut And Peanut Butter Flavor Pack

Photo Courtesy of Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon celebrated it's one-year anniversary a few months ago with the release of a limited-edition birthday cake flavor. Now, customers can get their hands on the brands newest flavor pack: Honey Nut and Peanut Butter. These flavors can be enjoyed separately or you can mix them for a peanut butter honey explosion. 

Magic Spoon's cereal is made from a combination of monk fruit, stevia and allulose. Allulose tastes just like “regular” sugar, but has almost zero glycemic impact and nearly zero calories. There is 0g of sugar per serving if you can believe it!

Compared to other cereal brands, Magic Spoon has more protein and less net carbs. This cereal is also keto-friendly with 11g of protein per serving and 3g of net carbs. 

Where To Buy Magic Spoon

Photo Courtesy of Magic Spoon

The two flavors will be sold in its own standalone flavor pack which is separate from the original pack (blueberry, cocoa, frosted and fruity). 

The Honey Nut and Peanut Butter flavor pack is available exclusively online in a brand new 4-pack with 2 boxes of each flavor ($39/case). 

To make this even better, Magic Spoon will be donating $1 from every box of these new flavors sold this week to organizations fighting for a more just food system such as No Kid Hungry and the National Black Food and Justice Alliance.