Cheese is so good because it can add flavor to many different foods: fries, burgers, pasta, etc. If you're like me, you probably eat shredded cheese by the handful, but if you're looking for a new way to enjoy cheese then you need to try ParmCrisps. ParmCrisps bring the crunch of chips but the flavor of cheese into a delicious snackable treat. I had the chance to try all of the flavors and decided to rank them for all of the cheese lovers out there. 

4. ParmCrisps Jalapeno 

Photo Courtesy of ParmCrisps

I'm not a fan of spicy food in any capacity so I had a feeling that these jalapeno ParmCrisps weren't going to be my favorite. While it wasn't extremely spicy, it did have a kick that was a bit much for me. However, my sister who is a huge spice fan, couldn't get enough of these. She suggested using this flavor in a salad or on popcorn to enhance the flavor. 

3. ParmCrisps Sesame

Photo Courtesy of ParmCrisps

These ParmCrisps are perfect for those who are looking for a  light and airy seasoned cheese snack. This flavor reminded me of a classic New York sesame and everything bagel. If you aren't in the mood for something overpowering, I'd try this flavor out.

2. ParmCrisps Original 

Photo Courtesy of ParmCrisps

These were the first ever ParmCrisps I ever tried when my parents decided to buy them on Amazon. I'm a cheese fanatic so I instantly gravitated towards the original. I've had Moon Cheese before, but this is different. ParmCrisps have a wafer-like consistency and a satisfying crunch. You won't regret putting these on top of mac and cheese, trust me. 

 1. ParmCrisps Cheddar

Photo Courtesy of ParmCrisps

I really enjoyed this flavor because I love yellow cheeses and cheddar is high up on my list. At first, I thought it was going to be almost too much cheese, but it really wasn't. If you ever had cheddar popcorn or cheese puffs, the cheddar flavor is very similar. 

Where To Buy ParmCrisps

If you want to try ParmCrisps for yourself, they are available at retailers nationwide including Wegmans, Shop Rite, Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger and Walgreens. Check out their product locator to see where you can buy ParmCrisps in your area. ParmCrisps are also available for purchase on Amazon

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