This year is quickly coming to a close and I have had the opportunity to dine at many restaurants around New York City. Yesterday, I stopped at Boulton and Watt for dinner with my best friend to see what all of the hype was about. Let me just say, I was thoroughly impressed and will definitely be going back. 

Where Is Boulton And Watt?

Boulton and Watt is located just steps away from New York's famous Katz's Delicatessen. At 5 Avenue A, Boulton and Watt rests right on the corner. If you are using the subway, the 2nd Avenue stop on the F train leave you less than two minutes away from the restaurant. 

What To Order At Boulton And Watt

I came across Boulton and Watt's macaroni and cheese on Instagram and from the moment I saw it, I knew I needed to try it. 

The mac and cheese consists of white cheddar and persillade bread crumbs. There is the option to add bacon or wild mushrooms, but I decided to opt out on those and just go for the classic. 

The mac and cheese was served in a skillet on top of a white plate. Upon my first bite, I was hooked. The rigatoni pasta with  gooey melted cheese created the perfect bite alongside the bread crumbs on top.

I do have to say, this mac and cheese ($14) was extremely cheesy. I'm not complaining, but if you are used to 'normal' mac and cheese, this is not it. This dish is for the mac and cheese enthusiasts who can't seem to get enough cheese. I know from experience that my parents would not prefer this because of how heavy and creamy it is, but my best friend devoured it in five minutes like I did.

While I did not have any plans to have an entree, my waitress informed me that starting at 5pm, they were available for order. I decided to order the "Beyond Meat" burger ($15) which came with caramelized onions, white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a not-so secret sauce. I'm going to be honest, the burger was really tasty, but I should have just stuck with the mac and cheese. 

I ordered my burger medium-well, which I consider to be a little pink in the middle, to receive it mostly pink. I could have sent it back, but I did not notice this until I took a few bites. However, the onions, cheese and bun were the perfect toppings. There was just the right amount of each so the bun was not soggy. 

I took the rest to-go, but before I left, I decided to get dessert. My friend wanted the cast-iron cookie ($12) so I ordered that for us to split. You can't go wrong with a cookie and this was one of the best cookies I ever had. The cookie was served warm and with a side of milk. We decided to pour the milk onto the cookie and that was a great decision. Since the cookie had a cake-like consistency, the cookie absorbed the milk making it the ultimate dessert. 

To see more of the dessert offerings, check out their menu

Overall Thoughts

I would definitely return to Boulton and Watt for dinner again if I am in the area. The friendly wait staff, the warm and cozy atmosphere and the delicious food all called for the perfect night out. Our waitress was very attentive and made sure to provide us with an outstanding dining experience. 

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