Everyone's favorite "button-shaped" chocolate is the ingenious creation of Mars, Incorporated; a company currently celebrating their 75th anniversary of the M&M. With more than eleven original varieties and additional holiday creations, such as Candy Corn and White Peppermint, I became curious as to how my friends would rank the different flavors.

So, after spending a whopping total of $44 on M&M's, we all sat down to watch the election and stress-eat chocolate.

11. Candy Corn

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Alex Frank
Candy Corn should never ever come in an M&M's flavor. These were disgustingly sweet and even made one of my friends gag — a clear loser in our taste test. We tried them so you don't have to, but if for some reason you're still curious, you can purchase them here.  

10. CoffeeNut

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Alex Frank

While some of my friends hated these CoffeeNut M&M's, others tried to hoard the entire bag. An unsharable delight for coffee addicts everywhere, this flavor was the definite winner of Mars' latest promotional campaign. Read more about CoffeeNut's competing peanut M&M's flavors here.

9. Holiday Mint

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Alex Frank

Toothpaste disguised as chocolate, these Holiday Mint M&M's were just plain gross. Getting ready for Christmas? Check out this this article on incorporating M&M's into cookies—just maybe stick with the milk chocolate M&M's. 

8. Almond

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Alex Frank

While some friends liked these Almond M&M's better then the peanut ones, for me, they were a bit too nutty and definitely not a delectable combination. Another specialty flavor, there was just nothing that particularly stood out.

7. White Peppermint  

candy, chocolate, sweet, cream, milk, peppermint, cake
Alex Frank

One of M&M's specialty holiday flavors, White Peppermint was unlike any M&M my friends and I had ever tried. Slightly fatter in size then your average M&M, they had a pleasant peppermint flavor and melt instantly in your mouth. These were so good, I'll definitely be putting them in a candy dish this holiday season. 

6. Milk Chocolate

candy, chocolate, cake, sweet
Alex Frank

A tried and true classic that's loved around the world, Milk Chocolate M&M's will always be the perfect choice for baking cookies and decorating cakes. Now with the option of personlizing them, M&M's have never been a better Christmas gift. Curious as to what type of M&M you are? Check out this link here

5. Crispy

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Alex Frank

It was a very sad day when Crispy M&M's were discontinued, leaving trick-or-treaters everywhere mourning the loss. Thankfully, however, Mars, Inc. realized their mistake and put these perfect chocolate covered wafers back on US shelves in 2015. For some, the Pretzel M&M's were just not an adequate stand-in.

4. Peanut

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Alex Frank

Ah, the classic Peanut M&M's. This flavor is a personal favorite and will always be near and dear to my heart. Of course, it is high on this list and was a unanimous favorite amongst the crew. A little bit nutty and a lot tasty, try incorporating them into this epic trailmix recipe

3. Mega Peanut

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Alex Frank

The Mega Peanut M&M's just barely edged out the regular peanut ones on our list, but who can argue that bigger isn't better? With three times the chocolate and even bigger peanuts, we all agreed that we could munch on these big guys all day.

2. Peanut Butter

candy, chocolate, cake, sweet, goody
Alex Frank

Peanut Butter M&M's came in at a clear second, with some friends even claiming they were comparable to Reese's cups. With their perfect mix of creamy natural peanut butter and crunchy outer shell, many people thought this should be the winning M&M's flavor. Curious as to what M&M's flavor you would be reincarnated as? Check out this link here. 

1. Pretzel

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Alex Frank

The perfect combination of salty and sweet, the Pretzel M&M's were by far the favorite flavor and impossible to resist. The cruchiness of the pretzel mixed with the smoothness of the chocolate kept all my friends reaching into the bag for more. This M&M's flavor was definitely the best option to help curb the anxiety of the night; but if you're still recovering from the trauma of the Presidential election, check out this article on how baking can help reduce anxiety

While this ranking is subjective to taste and personal preference, M&M's will forever be the best chocolate candy. So if you've never heard of some of these, get out and try them! You may just find your new favorite flavor.