Cue the hallelujah chorus—Crispy M&M’s are making a comeback in the US!  Mars has recently revealed that the delightful little nuggets of crunchy chocolate joy (technically named “M&M’s Cripsy”) will be hitting shelves and our mouths in January 2015 after 10 difficult years without them. While Pretzel M&M’s has been a decent stand-in, fans all over the country can soon happily reunite with the irreplaceable candy-coated crispy wafer bites we knew and loved so many years ago. Now in…neon green!?

Crispy M&M's return

Photo courtesy of Mars


Although they remained popular in many countries throughout Europe and South America, they’ve been a rare find within US borders for nearly 10 years. After endless requests and online petitions, Mars is answering fans’ requests to bring back M&M’s Crispy after being one of the most requested discontinued products to date.

We at Spoon would like to send a huge thanks to the folks at Mars for making our dreams come true, and for inspiring our 2015 New Year’s resolution: eating as many Crispy M&M’s as we can get our paws on.