You got it! Local Markets are the new thing. Many people are opting to buy locally from their city markets rather than groceries stores and we have the scoop on why.  

Honestly, we all know how easy it has become to think buying from grocery stores is no harm. They have organic foods, healthy alternatives, sales and even faster checkouts. What else could you ask for? But really, there's a reason why local markets are becoming popular. 

1. It protects the environment.  

farmer's market, organic vegetables, radish, spinach, lettuce, vegetable
Sam Jesner

Local produce travels shorter distances than large produce factories and therefore, contributes less pollution to our air. 

2. You can taste real flavours. 

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Santina Renzi

Local produce is always the freshest. They are often sold within the same days they are picked. 

3. You know where your food actually comes from. 

grass, vegetable, pasture
Jocelyn Hsu

Buyers know where their food is being grown and where it comes from. There's no mystery on where your food is actually being grown and by who... or what.

4. It's cheaper to buy in bulk. 

banana, juice, pasture, vegetable, apple, pineapple
Jocelyn Hsu

Locals will usually give you a discounted price on buying large quantities from them.

5. Money and support stay within your local community. 

Liana Glaser

It makes your area stronger since your money goes toward enriching your areas food supply.

6. You nourish yourself better. 

legume, broccoli, cabbage, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

Food in groceries are highly processed and use pesticides in order to make the food look "fresh" upon arrival.

7. You invest in the future of farming.

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Sam Jesner

By supporting local markets, you make sure farms stay around. The more you support the longer they stay, and they appreciate it. 

8. It's more fun to shop for food. 

Taylor Kozloski

You can try new things, make new friends, and stay healthy. Getting out and meeting those who make your food will make you feel more included.

Knowing information about the food you eat is always essential and having it come from your local community makes that so much easier. If you're a local market fanatic here are some Food Markets From Around the World that will have you in awe. It's the time to travel and the time to eat good, so check them out! 

Eat well!