I'm a fan of day drinking, mostly because I'm able to have a fun time when the suns out and be asleep before 9 p.m. But I fully know I would not survive if I went day drinking with Seth Meyers. Lizzo, on the other hand, thrived.

On a segment of Late Night With Seth Meyers called "Day Drinking," he was joined by Lizzo, and their day was both chaotic and hilarious.

It starts off with them taking a shot from Lizzo's instrument of choice — the shot flute — to really get the party going. Then, Seth has the Grammy-award winning artist guess where she wore some of her most iconic outfits with the loser taking a shot.

Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube

Then, the duo mixes together a concerning amount of alcohol to make "specialty cocktails." Examples include About Damn Wine with a concoction of pinot noir, white zinfandel, sparkling wine, and boxed wine. Lizzo teaches Seth what wag the bag means, where you just drink straight from the wine bag after slapping it for no reason.

"It's disgusting!" Lizzo says of the mixed drink.

"It's fine!" Seth retorts. "You played wag the bag. Now you're gonna be fancy?"

In true "Day Drinking" fashion, Seth then wags the bag, followed by Lizzo ripping into another box of wine and wagging the bag way better than Seth.

Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube

After another cursed mixed drink that Lizzo describes as Heinz ketchup, the two play a game of truth or drink where Lizzo refuses to admit the worst thing she has done on a plane. Then, they do what every drunken outing eventually leads to — call Seth's dad and leave a series of drunk messages.

Folks, it only goes downhill. Seth opens the next segment with a series of "nog, nog jokes." Here's an example:

Nog, nog.

Whose there?


Santa who?

Santa Claus. And I love eggnog.

That one gets Lizzo to laugh.

Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube

The 17-minute segment ends with Lizzo and Seth "breaking up" with each other. Lizzo calls Seth's eyes "piercing," elfish," and "Christmas-y," before accusing him of cheating, and Seth has one of his writers reveal his face to Lizzo — she thought he looked like Paul Rudd. 

You have to watch the whole video. The chaos only grows as the day of drinking ensues. In the words of Lizzo, "Happy f*cking holidays!"

Watch the whole video here: