I'm sure you do not inspect your tongue very much, unless you are someone like me who magically has their tongue out in every single picture taken. Whether or not you pay attention to it, every bump, crack or discoloration that appears on your tongue is actually your body trying to tell you something about your health.

Every section of your tongue corresponds to an organ in your body. Notice anything funky going on with your tongue? Check out this chart to see what organ may be "failing" you. But, just because your tongue is showing you that there is a problem with your liver, does not mean it is showing you the severity of the problem. You may just need a small change like having more greens to cleanse it.

I broke down the most common tongue variations and ways to change your routine due to what your tongue is telling you. You will notice that the signs on your tongue will slowly disappear as you change your routine in favor of what it is telling you. 

Deep Crack Vertical Down the Tongue 

A vertical crack down the tongue, as shown on the chart, means that there may be some issues with the stomach, heart and/or intestines.

The best fix for this is actually drinking more water. Cracks can show dehydration of your organs and water is the best thing to flush out any toxins. 

Scalloping Around the Edge of the Tongue 

Scalloping looks like your teeth have made an indentation around the perimeter of your tongue. Scalloping of the tongue is actually your body's way of telling you there is malabsorption of nutrients. 

To fix this issue, include more healthy fats in your diet. The best option would be ghee. Taking a tablespoon a day will help this issue the fastest, but, including coconut oil and avocados into your cooking can be just as helpful. 

Red, Smooth, Wet Tongue 

Red, smooth and wet. Sounds like an ideal tongue, right? That is not the case. You actually want your tongue to be pink. The issue with this kind of tongue is excess acid in the stomach. 

Pour yourself a large glass of milk because that is the answer to all your issues. The calcium in milk is an alkaline mineral, so it helps neutralize acid on contact. 

Pale, Smooth, Wet Tongue 

On the opposite spectrum of tongue colors is a tongue that is too pale. The pale tongue often implies irritable bowl syndrome

Going to your doctor to get a professional's opinion and medication is a good option. Get an allergy test to make sure you are eliminating food that your body cannot digest. Also, try taking probiotics to introduce good bacteria into the digestive tract. 

Small Cracks Spaced Randomly on Tongue 

Unlike a deep vertical crack down the center of the tongue, small cracks on the tongue show your stress levels. The more cracks you have, the more stressed you are. Chill out in any way that makes you the most happy. I personally suggest trying a yoga class or listening to music. 

Lucky for you, I went through Google and picked out the least cringeworthy tongue pictures. Honestly, I'm having a bit of PTSD from looking up "cracked tongue". Now that my desktop looks sus covered with a bunch of tongue photos, I hope you will put my hard research to good use.