Although the classic New Year's resolution is to diet, work out, lose weight or whatever, I going to present you with a bucket list of foods to try this year that will make your resolution seem like distant memory. F*ck confining your diet, to be honest. Food is meant to be enjoyed, craved, and photographed — so don't ditch good grub this new year. 

1. Poké Bowls

salad, vegetable, rice
Allie Yamashiro

Poké bowls are all the rave and are a must-try when ringing in the new year. They contain raw fish–usually ahi tuna, salmon, or octopus–marinated in soy sauce and topped with fresh veggies of your choice! If you really are aiming to stay healthy in the new year, poké bowls are a good start. 

2. Queso Dip 

Queso dip is insanely addicting, so be careful. Queso is so much more than just the cheese. It's a sweet, sweet (or should I say salty?) mixture of salsa, chilies and cheeses. If you aren't eating your nachos with queso, you're doing it wrong. 

3. Bubble Tea

cappuccino, beer, espresso, milk, tea, coffee
Mia Mastandrea

Take your favorite tea to the next level by adding tapioca pearls (aka boba) to it. This drink is a must-try in the new year. I'll let you decide if you like having balls in your drink or not. 

4. Buddha Bowls

chicken, broccoli, salad
Lauren Arendt

I've got another bowl for you to try in the new year: the buddha bowl. These bowls are practically overflowing with healthy ingredients including quinoa, raw or roasted veggies, nuts, beans and more. 

5. Naan Pizza 

broccoli, vegetable, pizza, cheese
Sasha Kran

Pizza on naan rather than dough is going to be all the talk in 2017. Making pizza at home will be so much easier if we ditch the dough. 

6. Wellness tonics 

Look out for drinks packed with superfoods in your grocery stores. I highly suggest trying a wellness tonic in the new year because it's always good to bump up your immune system. Check for ingredients like turmeric, maca and apple cider vinegar. 

7. Ghee 

milk, tea
Saoirse McCurry Hahn

Ghee is clarified butter that has lots of health benefits you wouldn't even know about, such as increasing digestion and immune strength. Try switching out your butter for ghee in 2017. If you're not that bold, try cooking with it or putting some in your coffee or tea some time.

8. Kelp Noodles   

Calling all zoodle (zucchini noodle) fans! I challenge you to try all different kinds of spiralized vegetables this year. Kelp noodles should be #1 on your list. 

9. Purple Cauliflower 

When someone says "make your plate colorful," they're talking about more than just green now. In 2017, I challenge you to try making a dish with purple cauliflower. 

10. Black Rice 

Yet another oddly colored food to add to your 2k17 food bucket list. Swap white rice for black rice this year and see if you can taste the difference. 

11. Matcha Anything

cream, milk, green tea, coffee, matcha, tea
Elise Metcalf

Alright, this year, let's take matters into our own hands. Stop making other people taste-test the new trendy drinks and try them yourselves! Either stick to matcha tea or try matcha pancakes, macaroons or cupcakes — whatever suits your fancy. 

12. Seaweed 

herb, wakame, seaweed salad, vegetable
Jaye Lind

Sea veggies should be high on your foodie bucket list this year. Seaweed is high in vitamin A, B6 and C. It's actually quite hard not to like. Take a leap of faith!

13. Insects 

Supposedly eating insects is sustainable? I'm not sure if I'll be putting this one on my own personal bucket list, but I'll gladly watch others' try. The little advice I can offer is to stick to crickets, worms, ants, grasshoppers and grubs. Enjoy!

14. Charcoal Foods   

Charcoal supposedly helps rid the body of toxins. Although charcoal foods may look shady, test out something charcoal-infused this year.

15. Golden Latte

Golden lattes are made with turmeric, coconut oil, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, honey and plant-based milk. It sounds like we've struck gold — so try it for yourself. 

16. Unordinary Veggie Burgers

Unordinary veggie burgers (AKA the impossible burger) looks eerily similar to meat and even bleeds like meat. Being a vegetarian myself, I think I'd be scared to try a veggie burger that "bleeds," but 2017 is going to be an adventurous year for me. How about you?

There you have it, your food bucket list for 2017. Push yourself out of your pizza-loving, bagel-eating box and try these healthy, trendy, insane foods. Happy New Year!