We all know syllabus week at college is code for an 8-day bender. To keep up with your friends who have a hollow leg and not feel the effects in the morning, there is one solution you can try: take charcoal pills. I tried them and they worked wonders for me.

The Night Out

I popped two suspicious-looking, black pills right before I started pre-gaming for the night. I started out the night as I always do: blasting Rihanna's ANTI album, dancing and feeling myself with my buddies.

I noticed that my pregame usual of four shots and a few beers didn't loosen me up as much as usual. My drinking tolerance shot through the roof that night. I drank double what I usually do and tried not to think about how my morning was going to be.

The Next Morning

Caroline Ingalls

I woke up in the morning feeling like I took a bath in holy water. No upset stomach and no headache—just still a little tipsy from the night before. I have been swearing by these little pills for two months now and the only slightly negative effect they've had on me is some bad ass black-looking shiz. No one needs to know about that, though.

Hit up just about any CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Walgreens, or Target to find the activated charcoal pills (or Amazon, for all of you Prime members out there) and you won't regret it.

If you're coming across this article too late and you're already on bed rest for the day or sitting over the toilet, then just try them tomorrow night. As for now, try making these hangover-curing breakfasts.

You're welcome.

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Caroline Ingalls