Goodbye, green apple Skittle!

Starting today, Monday, Sept. 27, Skittles' infamous lime flavor is returning to the rainbow permanently in the Skittles Original packs.

Lime was the staple green flavor since the candy first showed up on the market in 1979. That is, until 2013 when it got replaced by green apple – much to the vocal distress of many fans.

For the last almost decade, Skittles has heard the epic debate about which flavor reigns supreme with many calling for lime to return to the rainbow. Now, Skittles is answering fans’ pleas by permanently bringing back Lime and restoring Skittles Original packs to its full glory.

Original packs will now contain: orange, lemon, strawberry, grape, and lime.

Fans will start seeing Original packs with lime on shelves in October 2021 with national rollout over the next few months.

Courtesy of Skittles.

Nature is healing, and lime SO excited.