Four years ago, Skittles swapped the lime flavored Skittle for green apple, and they received a ton of backlash for it. A dedicated group of lime loyalists have been campaigning on Twitter to bring their beloved flavor back, and their prayers have finally been answered: Lime Skittles are back for the summer. 

For all the Green Apple aficionados out there, you can still get your fix of Green Apple in the regular Skittles bags, but these next few months are #forthelimes. 

The Fun-Sized Version

For the rest of Summer 2017, Skittles will be selling Long Lost Lime packs at Walmart. These packs will include the OG Skittles flavors: orange, lemon, grape, strawberry, and (obvi) lime. They will come in three different sizes: share-size for $1.33, lay-down for $2.48, and stand-up for $6.98. 

Honestly you're gonna want to buy a lot of stand-up packs to stock up. These babies won't be available for long, and people are freaking out over them already. 

Twitter is Ablaze

There is no other word to describe the Interwebs after this news than shook. People clearly feel passionately about these lime treats and view this announcement as a blessed moment. 

#makeagrownmancry is probably the most iconic hashtag I've seen in a while. 

Sir,  feel like it was not one of the greatest. Lime is back for a reason.

We need some Skittles on Aisle 6. Let's keep the cops out of it. 

TBH, I would not have the self-control to completely stop eating Skittles. Just take those green apple pieces out. 

Basically, these Lime Skittles are a hot commodity, and you need to grab them ASAP. Unless you're okay getting stuck with some Green Apple Skittles (which I know you're not). Long Live the Long Lost Lime Skittles.