Late night options at GWU are slim pickings. Whole Foods closes at 11pm and other options even earlier, so the frequent problem becomes a late night hunger—coupled with the desire to do anything but cook in a communal kitchen.

Convenience Options

Brooke Witheford

The first option is the ever-present CVS. Open 24 hours, this is the spot for a quick snack-type craving, like chips or ice cream. Everyone on campus seems to have an opinion on which one of the CVS's should be the move, based on what you're looking for, where you're coming from, and what time it is. The E Street location is convenient during the day, but generally a sketchier choice at night unless you're already by there. In a similar vein, but more focused on just food items, 7-11 is open 24 hours just around the corner from Thurston.


Brooke Witheford

Carvings has saved me from late-night cravings on more than one occasion. Carvings is a popular choice for hot food or when you just can't be bothered to cook. They have a convenient location near Potomac, and lots of menu options. Their hours change based on the day, meaning they might not be your best bet if you've been secluded in Gelman for 6 hours on a Tuesday; however, more so an option if you're coming home from a night out with friends. They're open until 12am from Monday to Thursday and have extended hours until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. Thank goodness for Carvings for providing us with those late night sandwiches, or even just a candy fix.


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Amelia Hitchens

No roundup of late night GWU options could ever miss Crepeaway. It is an experience to walk into the busy restaurant, and if you go in the busy time (when all your friends want to go), you're likely to find people dancing on tables. I often ran into people from my classes and dorm in Crepeaway last semester, which makes it feel like a very familiar space. It's a far walk in cold weather from campus, but it's a popular stopping point on the way back from a day-trip to downtown DC. Given that it's open until 12am from Monday to Wednesday, 3am on Thursday, and 4am on Friday and Sunday, it's easy to see how it's become a late night hangout. And though the experience is, to me, part of the fun, the crepes are the reward at the end of an unforgettable night with friends downtown or a long trek from campus.

Captain Cookie and the Milk Man

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Jocelyn Hsu

Captain Cookie keeps your sweet tooth local with cookies baked in-house and milk, as well as ice cream, from local creameries. They're open til 12am every day except Friday and Saturday, when the bakery's hours are extended til 2am. It's a great option for the biggest ice cream sandwich you'll ever eat. It beats the mundane experience of just picking something out from a freezer in a convenience store. The cookies are also quite good on their own, but a box of them might test your self control over the course of the night once you leave.

All the options on GWorld provide super diverse opportunities for late night adventures—whether you're looking to keep dancing at a place like Crepeaway or just pick something up quick at CVS. Never let it be said that everything on GWorld closes early. With this list you'll never be hungry after a night out again!