If you didn't already know, I am an ice cream enthusiast. However, after I spent the beginning of my summer in Spain, gelato became my new favorite dessert. Gelato is a denser frozen dessert and it contains less air than ice cream, which yields the perfect texture and consistency. Because I am now addicted to gelato, I decided to research different types of gelato that I could buy at the supermarket and Talenti Gelato stood out.

What is Talenti?

Talenti Gelato is made with real ingredients such as vanilla beans, raspberry, fresh milk, pure sugar cane, and more. Talenti has over 30 flavors that are BPA free when packaged, which is environmentally friendly. Talenti offers gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free, vegetarian, and kosher options. Talenti Gelato is the closest to the kind of gelato you can find on the streets of Italy or Spain. Talenti comes in many flavors, but below are the best nine that you need to try. 

9. Vanilla Bean  

Talenti imports whole vanilla beans from Madagascar and then blends the beans with milk, sugar, and cream to create an authentic vanilla gelato. Even though this gelato is comprised of delicious vanilla beans, the hint of lemon zest enhances the vanilla flavor. Vanilla bean gelato with lemon zest is the perfect combination. 

8. Sicilian Pistachio 

This gelato tastes exactly like pistachios. It is full of a roasted pistachio flavor, but it isn't too sweet; it has the perfect balance. 

7. Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato  

This flavor combines two of everyone's favorite flavors: coffee and chocolate. The semisweet chocolate chips mixed with the bold coffee flavor is an interesting, yet delectable combination. 

6. Fudge Brownie

Indulge in this chocolatey goodness. The fudge brownie flavor is rich with the perfect amount of brownie bits and dark chocolate swirls. This is a slam dunk. 

5. Caramel Cookie Crunch 

This flavor tastes like a crumb cake mixed with a caramel ice cream sundae. The creamy caramel compliments nicely with crunchy cookie pieces. It's one of Talenti's most popular flavors.

4. Mediterranean Mint 

If you love a classic mint flavor, then this will definitely impress. It tastes like fresh mint. In fact, Talenti uses actual mint leaf extracts in the recipe. The small hints of chocolate throughout make this gelato sweet, but not too sweet. 

3. Sea Salt Caramel 

Sea Salt Caramel is rich and has an Argentine caramel base. The salty with the sweet makes this gelato a hit. 

2. Caramel Apple Pie 

This was a home run. This earns a top spot because the chunks of pie crust and real apple are mixed perfectly with caramel in a vanilla bean base. This flavor is inventive and tastes like an apple pie in gelato form. 

1. Peanut Butter Pretzel 

This vanilla gelato is combined with creamy peanut butter, gooey fudge, and salty peanut butter covered pretzels. It earns the number one spot because it is truly the best of both worlds. You have the saltiness of the pretzel chunks and the sweetness from the peanut butter and chocolate. It has everything you want and more. 

If you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you're now on your way to get a pint of Talenti Gelato. Try one of these nine flavors today, or I'm sure it won't be hard to find another favorite from the brand.