Ever since the birth of Stormi, Kylie Jenner has been making up for lost time and getting us *caught up* on her life. Her recent hot tub grams have shook me, and I send every pic of Stormi to my group chat. 

I got a little bit (read: a lot) upset when Kylie raved about In-N-Out, for I am ride or die Shake Shack when it comes to the best burger of all time. However, Kylie is making it up to me because she just revealed that her biggest pregnancy craving was not all In-N-Out, but Eggo waffles. 

Though Kylie usually uses her Twitter to advertise her infamous Lip Kits (yes, I actually bought one, and, no, I don't regret it), she used the medium last week to inform us of her pregnancy cravings. Giving up sushi was the "worst part" of her pregnancy, according to Jenner.

And, falsifying the assumption that In-N-Out was her fave pregnancy craving (an assumption made from the video she released showing her at the burger joint and talking about it during her pregnancy), Kylie spilled the deets. In response to the question, "What is your number 1 craving when you were pregnant," she tweeted, "Eggos!!!"

Yep, Eggos people. She's basically Eleven from "Stranger Things," and I fully support it.

Sadly, Kylie Jenner has strayed away from Eggos since giving birth. "I haven't had one since I had her," she wrote. Hopefully for Eggos, Kylie admitting she dropped them won't also drop their stock like Snapchat's