Yesterday, my roommate casually said to me, "Oh hey, Kylie Jenner had her baby. She just posted to Instagram." I couldn't believe how casually she said it—I literally dropped the food I was meal prepping and ran to find my phone to pull up the 'gram. Then, like most people, I watched the entire video Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott posted for their daughter in awe. OMG IT'S BEAUTIFUL. From stories about finding out about the pregnancy from her friends, to advice from momma Kris, all 11 minutes and 32 seconds are so sweet. However, while watching, I couldn't help but notice Kylie's main pregnancy craving was In-N-Out. 

In the video, Kylie is shown having a conversation with her doctor about her craving for the West Coast-based burger chain. She says, "It's just In-N-Out these days tastes like... It's the best thing I've ever had."

Next, Kylie's going through the In-N-Out drive-thru ordering a double cheeseburger and fries well done. "Do I want cheese fries today? No, I'm OK. Right?" she says to herself. And just like every other 20-year-old in the US, she eats her meal in the car. 

The craving is an interesting one, especially because Kylie announced in July via Snapchat that she was "trying this whole vegan thing," and posted photos of vegan tacos and nachos. Of course, we didn't know she was preggers at the time, but she would have already been roughly two months along. Maybe she was trying to eat healthy for the baby. However, from her video, it's clear the whole vegan thing was thrown on the window pretty easily. 

Later in the video, Kylie is also shown eating burgers (one for her, one for the baby) and fries (regular fries for her, sweet potato fries for the baby) at a family gathering.

Since being posted to YouTube yesterday, Feb. 4, the video has garnered over 26 million views. I mean, I'm not surprised. And honestly, I'm not surprised girlfriend was craving In-N-Out—it's delicious. The only real surprise here is that Kylie was in fact totally pregnant and was able to conceal it for nine months, along with the birth of her baby girl on Feb. 1. Congratulations, Kylie and Travis!