The second season of "Stranger Things" isn't coming out until the end of October, but the creators are already announcing their plans for a third and potentially final fourth season for the hit Netflix series. Because we all know you can't wait until October 27, there is a new way to get your fix before then: the Stranger Things Pop-Up Bar.

Here is everything you need to know about the strangest pop-up restaurant in Chicago. 

The Space

The concept bar is based in Chicago at The Upside Down, and it is open from now until the end of September. It is literally a carbon-copy of the "Stranger Things" set, and it features everything from the wall of lights to specialty "Stranger Things" beverages. 

It's open Wednesday through Friday from 5 pm - 2 am, Saturday from 12 pm - 3 am, and Sunday from 12 pm - 2 am, so you have ample time to get your freak on. Additionally, if you want to be like D.R.A.M. pictured above (#tbt to Broccoli), you can book the space out for a private party on Monday or Tuesday nights.

Buy Me a Drank

Now to the most important thing — the beverage selection. The "Stranger Things" pop-up bar is legit. There's a ton of show-inspired options on the menu. 

Perhaps the most famous cocktail is the "Eleven's Eggo." It's a slushie drink that mixes bourbon, lemon, orange, cranberry, and maple syrup, and it is topped with a freakin' Eggo waffle. You don't have to be Eleven-level obsessed with Eggo's to get this drink, I promise.

Other beverages include the Demogorgon (which is also a slushie), the Snack Pack, Coffee & Contemplation, the Mouthbreather, and She's Our Friend & She's Crazy (which could probably be used to describe half of your friends, sos). If you're boring and/or hipster af, you can also get some craft beer at the bar.

Sadly, you're not gonna be able to get Benny's Burgers at this establishment, but you can take a pic with the sign.

Okay, so Barb is likely not going to be there, but I would definitely try to check out the "Stranger Things" pop-up bar in Chicago before the end of September. It's gonna get you hype for Season 2 (and hopefully beyond).