The opportunities when faced with a plain Krispy Kreme doughnut are endless. Anything added to it can change the flavor or texture, creating a truly unique doughnut-eating experience. This summer, Reese’s products seem to be totally on trend, as we’ve seen the Reese’s whipped cream and the Reese’s Outrgeous Blizzard from DQ, so Krispy Kreme decided to adopt a Reese’s product of their own with the Reese’s Outrageous Doughnut.  

This treat from Krispy Kreme is unlike any other doughnut, incorporating Reese’s Pieces, which add a whole new dimension of texture. It starts with a base of a chocolate Krispy Kreme doughnut that is dipped in Hershey’s chocolate fudge icing. Then the Reese’s Pieces cover the top of the doughnut, and that peanut butter and chocolate combo is completed with a drizzle of both caramel sauce and chocolate sauce on top. I’ll take 20, please. 

Introduced on Aug. 6, the Reese’s Outrageous Doughnut is only available for a limited time, which means you have to make your way to your nearest US Krispy Kreme shop and fast. Don’t let summer end without getting your hands on one of these. You definitely won’t be sorry.