It seems like Krispy Kreme has new doughnuts available left and right and that's because they do. The brand is always creating and partnering to create fun, festive and delicious doughnuts to keep dessert lovers satisfied and wanting more. This month, Krispy Kreme has partnered with OREO to create an OREO glaze and two new doughnuts. Keep on reading to find out more about the limited-edition collaboration. 

Krispy Kreme X OREO Glazed Doughnuts 

Krispy Kreme Corporation

Beginning on April 5, fans can get their hands on Krispy Kreme's new OREO Cookie glaze. This is the first time the brand has partnered with another to create a new glaze. 

As part of the special collaboration, there will be two new limited-edition doughnuts: OREO® Cookie Over-The-Top Doughnut and OREO® Cookie Glazed Doughnut. 

Here's what fans can expect: 

OREO® Cookie Glazed Doughnut: the Original Glazed® Doughnut covered in rich OREO® Cookie Glaze, filled with Cookies and KREME™, and finished with an icing drizzle and OREO® Cookie pieces.

OREO® Cookie Over-The-Top Doughnut: OREO® Cookie Over-the-Top Doughnut – an OREO® Cookie Glazed Doughnut topped with Cookies and KREME™ filling, drizzled with chocolate icing and finished with an OREO® Cookie wafer.

Head over to your local Krispy Kreme to get your hands on these special doughnuts before they are gone.