Our digestion system is no less than a churning machine, it churns out the garbage and good stuff both for your ultimate satisfaction. We regret eating that last bite of pizza yet, we dump loads of unwanted carbs. That is when we need to hear to our gut instinct and grab a kombucha drink.

Our society and thousands of brands come up with some or the other healthy trends that penetrate into our society and stay. Recently it was greek yoghurt, matcha beer or low-fat ice cream. Now kombucha is here to take a seat in brews section.

Now to actually understand the science behind this fizzy drink is very simple. Kombucha drink includes a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) with a mix of tea and sugar. This mixture is kept for fermentation for seven to ten days and later mixed with fresh juices as per one's choice. And yes, we are calling it a fizzy drink because the bacteria leads to the creation of little alcohol in the beverage. 

While kombucha drink is not a recent discovery, it is been present from 220 BC in China, later traveled to Japan and got named as Kombucha, now known worldwide.

News for Gin lovers

As much as we love staying healthy and start off with ketogenic diet or stay on track with a cleanse, it is hard to get our health act together sometimes, especially during weekends. Do not feel busted as here is some great news for you all! Kombucha drink can be mixed with your regular drinks like gin. 

If all this information does not make you to try kombucha right now, this fact will definately do it's work.

Basic benefits

Kombucha drinks include Vitamin B and C, lactic acid, acetic acid, and antioxidants.

Upcoming markets and cafes are filled with attention-grabbing ranging from original mango, passion fruit to soothing lavender. The main ingredient which is green or black tea with SCOBY helps to revive the glow of our skin, eliminate stress (chamomile tea kombucha). In the past, Kombucha has helped in curing arthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stomach (where all the diseases start).

While we are taking notes of the goodness included in kombucha, you might want to take a note of its side effects too. Yes, you can have bad reactions to this drink. Even though it has nothing artificial, all natural ingredients might not suit everyone.

Next time when you run into a bar or if you are just sitting through your weekend plans, do not hesitate bottle up a fizzy kombucha. No more force-fed of probiotics into our system. For all peeps who are too lazy to stand up for sparkling cider or a rich homemade smoothie can directly rely on kombucha.

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