Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains a colony of bacteria and yeast that when combined with sugar allows the tea to ferment. Once the Kombucha is fermented, it then becomes carbonated and contains high concentrates of acid as well as enzymes and probiotics, which then contain several great benefits to the body. Kombucha helps with digestion, detoxing, cleansing, cancer prevention, and heightens the immune system. 

Talking to friends and relatives, most did not have the slightest clue what Kombucha was. Kombucha has many advantages to the body. Here you will learn about the benefits as well as a few great recommendations to try Kombucha for yourself.

#SpoonTip: The first record of Kombucha dates back in 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty. It was known as "Tea of Immortality."

1. Cultured Ferments Co.

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Laura Quinting

Live cultures as well as being cultured makes Cultured Ferments Co. the name to beat. The company was started by Traverse City native Courtney Lorenz who has been fermenting for Cultured since May of 2016. Her product is made in Traverse city inside the food distributor Cherry Capital Foods.

Cultured Ferments Co is located for right now only in Michigan, with high concentrated areas in Traverse City, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor. Cultured while being in a large range mostly specialty shops/markets and coffee houses can also be found at various music festivals as well as farmers markets. 

Currently, the company features six different flavors: Namaste Nectar, Genuine Ginger, Mind's Eye Chai, Botanical Bliss and Tangerine Tantra. All the ingredients are fair trade and organic. Some ingredients are even locally made such as the teas, they are produced in Light of Day Organics outside Leelanau County. From Ginger to Chai to Fruity Cultured Ferments Co is sure to have a flavor for you.

2. Bloom Ferments

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Flowers in Tea? Seems as though this company has bloomed into something amazing. Bloom Ferments is a kombucha company that is based in Grand Rapids Michigan. The company was started Emily Helmus a once Calvin College Student. She first started to love the concept of kombucha when a friend of hers gave her some. This sparked her experimentation and Bloom Ferments was born.

Bloom Ferments prides itself in being fair trade as well as organic. According to Emily, it is also "unpasteurized and free of any artificial additives, colorants, sweeteners, and preservatives." Through her previous studies and love of biology, Emily has taken her science smarts to a delicious level. She plays around with new batches and is always experimenting. 

Bloom Ferments comes in two different flavors for now: Ginger tea and Lavender Hibiscus. The Ginger tea is a bit on the spicier side for most tea tastes but can be mellowed out honey or agave nectar. The Lavender Hibiscus gives a healthy balance of smooth mint undertones and sweet floral flavor combined with a tart cranberry taste. Bloom Ferments is sure to keep you cool and refreshed on a summer day. 

3. Health-Ade Kombucha

Laura Quinting

Daina Trout's background in nutrition, as well as her studies in food philosophy, led her to believe that health and wellness are connected to how food makes you feel. She really got the ball rolling with the idea of an entrepreneurs club. Her co-founders Vanessa Drew and Justin Trout were the regulars of the club and through the collaboration of sales and knowledge of Scoby (the bacteria and yeast) the team was a match in heaven.

The company is based out in Los Angeles but is within most states. The closest location in Michigan is in a store called Nutrition Unlimited which is close to the metro Detroit area. While the brand is not located at all major retailers yet the company is growing fast and constantly adding new spots. 

As for tea, the company has two different types: cold-pressed and super teas. The cold-pressed organic and raw pressed juices that are packaged within a 100% UV protected amber glass bottle. The super teas are a combination of organic kombucha and nutrient rich foods such as Maca root, Black Current, and Aronia. From flavors such as Pink Lady Apple to Power Greens, Health-Ade is sure to be all the talk at your next dinner party.

Kombucha not only provides great health benefits but proves to be in a large assortment of flavors the whole family can enjoy. If the regular Yogi isn't proving to be your "cup of tea," then look no further to kombucha. Now, what are you waiting for? The tea isn't going to drink itself!