It's incredible to think of the power that food has in making us feel good (or bad) – and that many people can't enjoy basic foods like bread or pasta because of dietary restrictions and food allergies. Well, KNOW Foods, a new brand that creates foods for a wide array of food allergies, is changing up that game.

Here's everything you need to ~know~ about KNOW Foods, the brand that will reinvent your plate.

What Is Know Foods?

Brittany Arnett

Founded by a father who saw the trouble his daughter had with her Celiac disease, KNOW Foods creates grain/gluten-free, non-GMO, low glycemic packaged foods that individuals with dietary restrictions cannot typically consume. These products include donuts, pasta, bread slices, waffles, pancake mix, croutons, chocolate chips, and so much more. 

What's On the Inside

Brittany Arnett

KNOW Foods is entirely safe for those with gluten intolerances, such as Celiac disease or gluten insensitivity, as well as those with diabetes to consume, all thanks to its key ingredients of almond and seed flour and allulose, an all-natural sweetener. 

The almond and seed flour in every product offers great nutrients like Omega-3s, fiber, and vitamins, plus tons of protein. It also ensures that there is no gluten or carbohydrates that could spike blood sugar in each variety. All KNOW Foods products have a glycemic index of less than 10, whereas white bread has a glycemic index of 73. 

Everything in the "NO"

Brittany Arnett

When I say that KNOW Foods products are free of basically everything, I mean it. There are no GMOs, gluten, grain, wheat, soy, dairy, peanuts, yeast, preservatives, added sugar, and trans fats in every product. And for products like waffles, bread, and pasta, that's really awesome. 

Overall, KNOW Foods products are extremely high in fiber and protein (all thanks to its nutrient-dense ingredients) and low in net carbs. To boot, many of their products are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Is This Another Fad-Diet Gimmick?

Brittany Arnett

I know what you might be thinking – this all sounds too good to be true. And in some ways, it is. Eating a KNOW Foods slice of bread will definitely not taste exactly like eating a slice of white bread – I mean, they are made up of completely different ingredients. But, each product does taste good, which is the most important factor. Especially if you have dietary restrictions, Know Foods is your best bet.

The real reason this is not a fad-diet gimmick is because all KNOW Foods products are made with real ingredients. They're not made with artificial sweeteners and preservatives that would help it maintain taste with sacrificing gluten and sugars. Instead, each product is made with few ingredients that are all-natural.

#SpoonTip: Because KNOW Foods products are sans artificial ingredients and preservatives, they spoil quicker. Make sure to store them properly and eat within a short time frame.

Why I Love KNOW Foods

Brittany Arnett

Okay, now for more personal judgment – the reason I absolutely love KNOW Foods is that I feel great after it. I'm not bogged-down the same way I am when I eat regular high-carb meals. Plus I'm a protein-fanatic, and because every product is so high in protein, I know I'll stay full for the day.

Personally, the low-glycemic index is great for me. I get hypoglycemic attacks often, so I have to be careful about the foods I put in my body. The low-glycemic index of these foods keeps my blood sugar in check so I know I won't get an attack throughout my day.

With everything KNOW Foods has to offer, it's a shame to not give it a try. Most products are available via Amazon or their website, plus in some Whole Foods locations. What are you waiting for? Grab yourself some KNOW Foods breads ASAP.