KNOW better foods.

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Mariana Hulian

KNOW Foods is an Atlanta-based food company that provides a wide range of healthy, grain-free products like bread, waffles, and cookies to their consumers. These food products are made from simple, super foods like almonds, chia seeds, dried egg whites, coconut oil and a few other nutritious ingredients. The bottom line is that with KNOW Foods, you won’t find any ingredient that you can’t pronounce like ammonium sulfate, azodicarbonamide, or L-cysteine. 

KNOW foods are a high source of protein and fiber while being low on carbohydrates. However, the best part about these products is that although they are grain, gluten, wheat, dairy, and peanut free with no refined sugar, they taste amazing.

The sweetness in these products is due to the addition of allulose, which is a low-calorie sugar with the same sweet taste as sugar. Allulose is a simple sugar (in scientific vocabulary, a monosaccharide) that is absorbed by the body but not metabolized, so it doesn’t have a high glycemic index as regular sugar does.

This makes KNOW Foods a perfect and appealing option for those people that might suffer from any type of food-related diseases or even when just having a sweet or salty craving. It is an intelligent food choice that will help you stay on your healthy diet.

You can find KNOW foods product on many healthy grocery stores all over the US or you can order them online through their website or Amazon fresh.


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Mariana Hulian

Here is a review of some of my favourite KNOW products that I received and tried. Let me begin by telling you that I absolutely loved them. 

Waffles: They might be healthy, but they're just as good as normal waffles. These KNOW waffles come with dairy-free chocolate chips and they taste amazing. The consistency of these waffles is amazing, as well as the flavor. I tried them with maple syrup, and they were delicious.

Donuts: These chocolate chip donuts are the perfect snack or breakfast side. They are a party for your taste buds just by themselves. But if you are like me, you should try them with some peanut butter and chocolate syrup on top as a pre-library study session snack to fuel your body. 

Muffins: These were definitely my favorite! They are chocolate muffins with a lot of chocolate chips. Their fluffy consistency is the perfect touch to their awesome flavor. I tried them by themselves, but you can definitely add some toppings and they will taste good as well. I don't blame you if you eat more than two... or the whole bag.

Pancake mix: Forget the regular pancake mix you find in grocery stores, you MUST start using this one. These pancakes are fluffy and flavourful. They are super easy to make, just add water or milk to the pancake mix. Add some blueberries or chocolate chips with some syrup and your breakfast is all set. 

Bread slices: These are the perfect option for your morning toast, with a great consistency and thickness. You can eat this bread in many ways like french toast or avocado toast; they will definitely taste amazing. I tried it for breakfast with a poached egg and some avocado on top.

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Mariana Hulian

These are only some of the products KNOW foods have. They also sell cookies, wraps and many other products that you should definitely try. The best thing is that you will not get bored of this yummy and healthy option; I KNOW this for sure. 

#SpoonTip: when ordering KNOW foods goodies use the promo code “SpoonU” to get 10% off your order! 

Thanks to KNOW foods for letting me try their products. All reviews are honest and my own.