Marshmallows can be found in cereal, s'mores, ice cream and a plethora of other desserts. There's just something so satisfying about these sweet and fluffy treats. Jet-Puffed Bites are the brands latest chocolate covered snack that take marshmallows to the next level. 

Jet-Puffed Bites 


Jet-Puffed Bites combine marshmallows and chocolate together to create the ultimate bite-sized explosion of flavors. Available in Birthday Cake, S'mores and Coconut, these bites combine the sweet gooeyness of marshmallows with fan-favorite flavors for the perfect snack. 

Here are the full descriptions of each: 

S’mores: Vanilla flavored marshmallows wrapped up in a milk chocolatey coating, topped with graham cracker crumbs

Birthday Cake: Buttery vanilla cake flavored marshmallow wrapped up in a creamy white chocolatey coating, topped with rainbow sprinkles

Coconut: Coconut flavored marshmallow wrapped up in a dark chocolatey coating, topped with toasted coconut

Find these new bites at grocery stores nationwide for $3.99.

Jet-Puffed Standup Resealable Pouches


Tired of having your marshmallows go stale after opening them? No need to worry anymore with Jet-Puffed's latest resealable pouches. Available in regular, mini and strawberry-flavored. 

Find these at grocery stores nationwide for $2.99.