People freaked out over Starbucks latest drink — the Unicorn Frappuccino. This drink was inspired by the Unicorn Latte that Brooklyn coffee shop, The End, invented. Starbucks figured that it should hop on the bandwagon, because why not? People especially freaked out because the colorful creation was only available for a limited time, from April 19 until April 23.  

Why You Should Care

The unicorn trend has been crazy this year — from make-up brushes to clothing designs — everyone wanted to get in on it. Which is exactly what Starbucks thought, only they were a couple months too late. Just as the craze was settling down and shifting to other things (like mermaid toast), Starbucks reignited the madness. 

My thought: Instead of jumping on everyone else's trends, Starbucks needs to start one of their own — maybe even one that revolves around their mythical creature logo. The mermaid logo is something that could be capitalized on, especially with the popularity of other drinks Starbucks has created in the past (like the Pink Drink). 

Nothing has to be set in stone. Starbucks could release its mermaid creation for a limited time to see how customers react to it, but if we're being honest, why wouldn't it be popular? So far, Starbucks has added nothing but pure genius creations to its menu, which means that this opportunity could be huge for them.

I can speak from experience — when Starbucks releases new items, I always have to order them. What kind of loyal customer would I be if I didn't? Taking this opportunity to spark a trend that would truly be their own would be huge for the brand. Not only would they be working with inspiration from a logo they know, it would (probably) bring another regular item to the menu. 

Let's not forget what Starbucks has already given us, but they have the potential to give us so much more. The Unicorn Frappuccino should give Starbucks some good ideas, because there's definitely a (mermaid) twist to a drink that's just waiting to be discovered. We'll be jumping for joy when it happens.