For those of us who thought that unicorns don't exist, Starbucks is here to tell us that we're wrong. Molding the popular unicorn trend into something of their own, Starbucks has released a limited time Unicorn Frappuccino. Unable to resist the eye catching purpley-pink drink, I absolutely had to try it.

What Is This Liquid Unicorn?

The drink features a Frappuccino creme blended with a vibrant pink powder and mango syrup, which is layered with a sweet and "pleasantly" sour blue drizzle. The Unicorn drink is topped with whipped creme and sprinkled with pink & blue powders, giving it an extra pretty pop.

Incomplete without a little unicorn magic, this special Starbucks drink turns colors as you sip and swirl it. Morphing from pink to purple, colorful layers are meant to mix into a creme that is sweet, tart, and fruity, all at once.

Did It Taste Like Magic?

The simple answer is no, this drink does not taste like magic or anything symbolic of the majesty that is a unicorn. The mango flavored creme tastes slightly sour, in a sour milk way. Sadly, that's just the start.

The "pleasantly" sour blue drizzle is so, so incredibly sour. I'm talking just as sour (if not more sour) than Warheads candies. My face literally puckered up every time I'd get a bit of it into my mouth.

The mix of the blue drizzle with the already off-putting mango creme is honestly just really bad. I hate to say it because I really love Starbucks, but the Unicorn drink is most definitely not a winner, and I won't be missing it. While my curiosity is quenched, my wallet is disappointed in the waste of $5.30 that it had to give up for a grande-sized cup of unicorn trash.

If your curiosity also needs quenched, be sure to stop into your local Starbucks to pick up a Unicorn Frappuccino between April 19 and April 23 at participating stores, while supplies last. At this rate, there should be plenty to last the week.