As more frozen yogurt shops start to appear, it becomes even more eminent that this continues to be a worldwide dessert sensation for people of all ages. But as froyo continues to replace ice cream as the go-to dessert option, we all have to ask ourselves: Is frozen yogurt healthy?

But first, what even is frozen yogurt?

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Spencer Hutchison

Frozen yogurt is one of the most popular desserts. It is mainly made from a combination of yogurt, milk, and cream. Since yogurt is cultured milk, and that tends to leave a sour-like flavor, froyo also includes different sweeteners and other flavors to contrast that sourness

Additionally, since frozen yogurt it is yogurt-based, it also contains probiotics. However, since the amount of yogurt is not FDA regulated, it is hard to say how many "good" bacterias might be in a cup of froyo.

Frozen yogurt vs ice cream  

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Even though the nutritional value of frozen yogurt depends on the brand, it does tend to have fewer calories and less fat than ice cream. It also has been known to have a higher protein content, which makes it a better alternative to ice cream.

Just remember that froyo also has a lot of sugar to change the tarty taste of yogurt; so even though it is a better alternative, it is still not the most nutritional dessert you can have. 

So, is frozen yogurt healthy?

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Spencer Hutchison

Frozen yogurt is in fact healthier than ice cream. However, like may foods, it depends a lot on the serving. 

To keep your frozen yogurt healthy, it is best to stick to the smallest serving size, as well as limit your toppings. Regarding the toppings, it is best to only have 2 types, preferably, a fruit or a nut. This is your chance to incorporate an additional source of fiber and protein to your froyo cup. 

So, I hope the next time you go out for froyo, you get to enjoy it while being guilt-free. Just remember that even though adding candy or chocolate syrup to it might be tempting, that is the easiest way to end up with an unhealthy dessert.