Although Donald Trump is a self-proclaimed germaphobe, he doesn't seem to care much about food safety. Trump is known for his many controversial remarks and policies, but his plan for the Food and Drug Administration is perhaps one of the most concerning. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the federal agency that oversees the safety of food, beverages, and medicines and makes sure that these items are sanitary and properly labeled. Every time you eat a meal and don't get sick, read a nutrition label, or get a vaccine, you can thank the FDA. So what does Trump think about the FDA? 

According to Trump, the government could save $1 trillion over the next decade by cutting back on food safety regulations and inspections. Trump's now deleted plan states that he wants to prevent the FDA "food police" from placing such strict regulations on food production hygiene, packaging and temperature. Trump's main point is that the government should step back when it comes to food safety standards and let corporations make the rules themselves. 

Marion Nestle, NYU professor and author of Food Politics, explains on her blog that Trump's intended tax plan is to eliminate the FDA and the programs he finds annoying. As she told MUNCHIES, “Rolling back FDA food safety regs is not a good idea. They are working! The food supply is safer now than before we had them.”

Tom Colicchio, celebrity chef and food activist has a similar perspective on food safety. Colicchio is also the founder of Food Policy Action, a group that holds legislators accountable for keeping food healthy, safe and affordable. He believes that Trump's plan to eliminate food regulations would be problematic for food safety since many deaths and hospitalizations occur each year from foodborne illness. 

If Trump gets his way instead of "Making America Great Again" he will more likely be "Making America Sick Again." Just something to think about as you cast your vote in this next election.