We’ve all heard of bar hopping: trekking from bar to pub to another bar with a group of friends, laughing, singing, and enjoying drinks and each other’s company. But have you heard of café hopping? It's essentially the same concept as bar hopping, but for cafés, and it should be every college student’s favorite pastime.

How Do I “Café Hop?”

Cynthia Liu

The idea is incredibly simple: grab a textbook and a friend and move from café to café while studying or doing homework. Going to two or three different cafés instead of one lets you try out that trendy coffee shop on the corner or hunt for the best version of your favorite drink in your area. Whether you only drink herbal tea or you value coffee more than you value your grades, this activity is for you. It’s a cheap, easy, and enjoyable way to do homework.

Why Is This Cool?

Cynthia Liu

It may sound like an unnecessary amount of effort to move from café to café every couple of hours, but there are a lot of really great benefits to café hopping that might not be that obvious.

Sitting in one place for hours on end can be both uncomfortable and boring. Changing scenery is an easy way to keep your mind fresh and focused on the task at hand. You’ll be more productive if you can stretch your legs and get your blood flowing a little bit by walking to a new coffee shop. A change of environment is also a great way to keep boredom at bay.

Staying at home makes you more susceptible to getting distracted by snacks, Netflix, cleaning, or really anything that isn’t school related. Café hopping provides a built-in study break while you head to the next café. Just make sure to pick the cafés you want to go to beforehand so you don’t have to waste precious study time deciding where to go next. In addition, you won’t have to feel bad for buying one small black coffee, then staying at the shop for hours and hours while you write a six page essay, because you'll be off to the next spot before you know it.

However, the most important benefit of café hopping is simple: more coffee!

What if I Don’t Have That Much Homework?

Cynthia Liu

Café hopping doesn’t have to be solely based around schoolwork. I love to simply go to a café and sit for a while. Because I am getting out of the house, I feel productive even if all I am doing is sipping on a lavender latte, reading a book, and people watching. This is also a fantastic substitution for bottomless brunch if you don’t drink alcohol—pastries and coffee make a perfect brunch in my book.

So, the next time you are in need of a major cram sesh, go to a café (or three!), treat yourself to a pastry, and let the productivity begin.

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