Despite feeling like I’m still in Welcome Week mode, the midterm season is somehow upon us. This can only mean one thing — late nights in the library. Stress eating is an all-too-familiar phenomenon, but what you choose to eat while studying can have a huge impact on your brainpower. Finding something that tastes good and keeps you full can be tricky, especially when you’re staring down a vending machine filled with Doritos. After countless late nights in the Ugli, I’ve got snacks down to a science.

If you’re looking for something salty, you can’t go wrong with popcorn, almonds or hummus (try dipping with pretzels or veggies). Each offers just the right amount of saltiness without slowing you down or causing dehydration. Even better, all of these are nutritious enough to keep the freshman 15 at bay.

Some of us, however, will prefer the sweeter side when snacking. Fruit and yogurt are no-brainers, but there are ways to re-vamp these classic choices. Either an apple with peanut butter or some Greek yogurt with granola can each add a touch of sweetness to your study session.  Throw in some dark chocolate chips for extra antioxidants (and awesomeness).

Whether you prefer salty, sweet or both – there are tons of healthy, non-Cheeto choices to keep you chugging through the night. Stay strong, Fishbowl warriors.