The month of December is a magical time filled with peppermint mochas, glazed ham, and, of course, lots and lots of cookies. While some people are most concerned with the taste of their holiday cookies, there is something special about the ones that stand for their creativity, aesthetic, and Instagram-worthy good looks. For all of your baking inspiration needs, here are the top ten holiday cookies on Instagram, sure to increase your likes (if you decide to do 'em yourself). 

1. @donnaesposa's Adorable Candy Cane Gingerbread Men

These gingerbread men are the perfect combination of cute and functional. Attach your gingerbread man's hands to each other to turn them into a handy candy cane holder. To take them to the next level, try attaching a note to the candy cane and be ready to be praised as the ultimate gift giver.

2. @curious_cookies716's Fancy Santas

The details on these sugar cookies take "cookies and milk for Santa" to a whole new level. Impress all of your party guests with the swirls on Santa's beard and hat, and be ready to hear them go "ho ho ho," as they eat their third cookie.

3. @thecookieshackatx's Christmas Oreos

Oreos, on their own, are hailed as milk's favorite cookie, but smothering them in chocolate takes them to a whole new level. This treat is an easy DIY Christmas cookie that's as simple as covering Oreos in melted chocolate and adding colored sprinkles. Make sure you have your friends pour plenty of glasses of milk. 

4. @cocoatreebake's Classy Christmas Meringues

These meringues transform the image of simple Christmas cookies and make a treat worthy of your fanciest holiday party.  The light texture and understated color scheme will impress even your bougiest friends. 

5. @moon_cake28's Festive Mittens

These cookies make the cold weather outside seem a little more bearable. The beautiful icing designs will give you bonus points when you invite your friends over to warm up by the fire. 

6. @kikicuppycakes's Snowball Cookies

YouTube star, Kiki, has created the ultimate winter cookie. The sugar cookie is topped with delicate pecan cookies and covered in powdered sugar. Your friends will be so impressed by your effort that they won't even mind getting sugar on their ugly Christmas sweaters. 

7. @cookieoccasions_'s Stylish Winter Cookies

These cookies will take your winter aesthetic to the next level. The detailed icing and creative use of plaid make these a great addition to any Instagram feed.  Worried you don't have what it takes to decorate this well?  Have no fear — you can order these babies online.

8. @mogemug's Pastel Christmas Trees

Feeling sick of seeing so much red and green? Try this pastel palette. The delicate decorations will make your cookies the prettiest at the party and the most beautiful on anyone's Instagram feed.

9. @recipegirl's Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

Everyone wants a kiss under the mistletoe this December, but maybe they'll settle for a Hershey kiss. This cookie recipe from Recipe Girl uses candy cane flavored kisses to remix the standard, but still delicious, Hershey kiss cookie.

10. @sweetpeacookieco's Hanukkah Cookies

In an amazing twist of timing, Hanukkah begins on the evening of December 24th this year. If you want to impress your Jewish friends, bring some of Sweet Pea Cookies's blue dreidel cookies to your next holiday party. After all, the best way to celebrate eight days of light is with something sweet.

As your inbox becomes flooded with invitations to holiday parties, don't stress about how to impress your hosts. These cookies will skyrocket your dessert game, and any of these treats will have everyone at the party grabbing their phones and getting ready to tag you on Instagram faster than you can say "Throw me a like."