With the emergence of springtime comes the budding of bright flowers, light-hued fashion trends and some of the prettiest pastel-colored food you’ll enjoy all year. Here are some fresh and beautiful pastel treats you can sip on or sink your teeth into this spring.

1. Rainbow Sherbet Punch


Photo by Jacqueline Paez

This classic punch makes for one sweet refreshment. Its subtle rainbow hues add to the clean and fruity taste that comes with sherbet, one of the main ingredients. You can whip up this pretty drink in five minutes or less by following this recipe

2. Mint Meringue Cookies


Photo courtesy of Sarah R. on Flickr

These fluffy meringues are just what you need to ring in the springtime. With a light consistency and cool mint flavor, these pastel green desserts offer just the right amount of sweet. Find the recipe here, or buy them online from Miss Meringue.

#SpoonTip: Not a fan of mint? Opt for these traditional meringues, and add a drop of your favorite food coloring to the batter for some pastel flair.

3. Old-Fashioned Pink Popcorn


Photo courtesy of domesticdreamboat.com

Adding a dash of pink to old-fashioned popcorn makes this treat that much more wonderful. This popcorn is coated with a sweet mixture of sugar, corn syrup, milk and food coloring to give it a crunchy and undeniably pretty appearance. This recipe shows how to make candied-pink confection right in your own kitchen.

Don’t have time to make it yourself? The Etsy shop NorasNibbles offers online orders of this popped pastel snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. French Macarons


Photo courtesy of Katie Killary

The list would not be complete without these cloud-like French cookies. Though making them yourself is not for the faint of heart, kitchen warriors can find out how by following this recipe

Luckily, you can still enjoy macarons even if you don’t want to bake them on your own. Companies such as Macaron Cafe and ‘Lette Macarons allow online order placement to deliver these sweets right to their customers’ doors.

5. Lemon Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting


Photo by Dara Ades

Anxiously awaiting summertime? These pretty cupcakes are the perfect treat to welcome in the warm days that await. Learn how to serve up a batch of these tangy treats here.

6. Guacamole


Photo by Lily Lou

Don’t let this dip’s light green color fool you — that flavor is anything but subtle. Crushed avocado brings not only a beautiful hue, but also a nice serving of healthy fats. Recipe here.

7. Frosted Circus Animal Fudge


Photo by Kristen Warfield

Remember those frosted circus animal crackers you enjoyed as a kid? Those sprinkled snacks are all grown up for this tasty looking fudge. Learn how to make it here.

8. Pastel-Colored Deviled Eggs


Photo courtesy of thelittlekitchen.net

A pop of color adds an appealing twist to this classic party food favorite. Whether you’re planning the menu for a brunch or headed out to a barbecue this spring, these cute appetizers will light up the food table at any gathering. Master your hard-boiled egg first, and then add a pop of color by following this recipe.