Fruit is objectively the best food group. There, I said it. Can you think of anything more enjoyable than biting into a crisp apple, snacking on a bowl of fresh grapes, or cutting up some sweet strawberries? Neither can I...except maybe, sustainably enjoying fruit...I think that's something we can all get on board with. 

According to Our World In Data, food accounts for over a quarter (26%), of all greenhouse gas emissions. But these emissions aren't only coming from the harvesting of fruit, they're also from it being shipped all across the world. Our food comes at a serious cost, no matter how delicious it is. 

Being conscious food-consumers; meaning knowing where it came from, the means through which is was harvested, and what was used to grow it, is so important for our environment and building a more sustainable planet.

Two simple steps we can all take to become eco-friendly foodies are buying local, and buying seasonally. Supporting your local farmers is just important economically as it is environmentally. Just think of how much fuel is being saved: instead of your raspberries being flown in from halfway around the world, they're being grown within miles of your house! 

And buying seasonally is just as important. Not only is seasonal fruit tastier and fresher than its out-of-season counterparts, it also tends to be cheaper and skips over the huge carbon footprint that shipping leaves.

Now if you're like me and are never sure of which fruits are in season when, here's a small list of fruits to enjoy and stock up on this fall:


apple, pasture, juice
Annabel Epstein

Whether it be granny smith, honey-crisp, baked in a pie or covered in caramel, make sure to grab (or pick) some this fall! 


grape, grapes, farmer's market, Farmers market, Fruit, fruits
Dea Uy

Grapes hold a special place in my heart. Green, red, frozen, seedless or cotton candy, they're all delicious in their own and unique ways.  

Kiwi Fruit

sweet, juice, kiwi fruit
Kenny Rapaport

While kiwi may not be the most popular fruit choice, fall is definitely the time when they'll be tastiest. Did you know that it takes kiwi plants as little as 3 years to start producing fruit? Who knew such a little fruit took so long to grow!


apple, juice, pear, pasture, quince
Lisa Xu

Not only are pears delicious, but according to Medical News Today, they're also rich in antioxidants, plant compounds, and fiber. And good news! There's over 10 different varieties of pears to choose from, each with their own unique flavors! Make sure to get to the store this fall to try 'em out. 


pomegranate, sweet, juice
Lucy Meyers

Even though pomegranate's can get a little messy when you cut and gut them yourself, the mess is definitely worth the reward. Whether you sprinkle them over your salads or eat them with a spoon, just the thought of fresh pomegranate seeds makes my mouth water. Who can resist! 


pumpkin, vegetable, squash, Farmers market, farmer's market
Dea Uy

I think it comes as no surprise that pumpkins time to shine is the fall. And yes, they're actually considered a fruit! So take the time this fall to get yourself to a pumpkin patch to pick out the best jack-o-lantern or pumpkin-pie-making pumpkin before the season's over. 

While these steps may seem small in the grand scheme of things, these actions can really have huge impacts in the long-run. So make sure to get to your local grocery store or farmers market today before these fruits go out of season!