Riverdale is back for season two this Wednesday and you need to know what you should be drinking. If you haven't seen it, the hit series based on the Archie comic books takes the characters out of their happy world and places them in the dark small town of Riverdale.

While these characters deal with murder, adultery, arson, and high school, find out what drink they most resemble so you can pick which drink to have during the premiere. 

Archie -  Beer

Even with Archie's music career and sleeping with his teacher, he's still the typical high school jock and nothing is more fitting for him than beer. Watch him tap a keg and cause some drama with Veronica and Betty because you know it's going to happen again this season.

Jughead - Whiskey

An all grown up Cole Sprouse from Suite Life of Zack and Cody is now Jughead in this new series. He's practically the same as Cody, well only if Cody was going through an emo phase. Jughead would be drinking whiskey just like Hemingway, since in this series Jughead considers himself a young Hemingway while writing his ominous articles about Riverdale.

Betty - Vodka

The seemingly perfect Betty clearly has a dark side, like when she almost drowned one of her classmates or tried sabotaging her parents. Betty is vodka because she's pretty much your basic high school student and no drink in high school is more basic than vodka.

Veronica - Cosmopolitan

Veronica may still be confused about where she's currently lives. Recently uprooted from her Gossip Girl life in NYC, she's the overdramatic drama queen of the show. She matches a cosmopolitan because she desperately wants to be a Carrie Bradshaw and dreams of Archie being her Big. 

Cheryl -  Fireball

This deeply confused and some may say psychotic, I definitely would, character had some unnaturally red hair along with her matching outfits. When she wasn't torturing her "friends" you could catch her torturing her cheer squad. Fireball is a perfect match to Cheryl. It's red, spicy, and most likely will end up torturing you.  

Hermione - Red Wine

Possibly the future star of "The Real Housewives of Riverdale," since Hermione has moved home she's been stirring up problems everywhere she turns. From trash to class, this housewife is never seen without her glass of red wine in hand. 

Fred - Beer

Like father like son. Archie gets his drinking habits from his dad. This close nit father-son duo do everything together, so lets hope Fred survives his attempted murder. The construction dad may try to class it up with a glass of wine to impress Hermione, but his go to drink would definitely be a beer. This close nit father-son duo do everything together, so lets hope Fred survives his attempted murder.

Kevin - Mimosa

The innocent Kevin. The only semi normal kid that attends Riverdale High School. He's not caught up in the murder or scandal, but still desperately tries to be. If you're drinking with Kevin, it'd probably be at brunch sipping on mimosas and sharing gossip.

Whatever your drink choice is and whoever your favorite character is, get ready to share a milkshake at Pop's and watch the return of Riverdale.