The TV show "Friends" is a classic. Although the last episode aired in 2004, it's still extremely popular today. Each of the six main characters have such unique and quirky personalities - which establishes the humor of the show. Based on their personalities, here's what the cast of "Friends" would be as food!

Monica Geller: Salad

Monica is known for being Type A and OCD. Her cleanliness makes her a salad. More specifically, a salad bar. She is extremely organized and everything in her apartment has a specific spot that it must stay in, just like the ingredients in a salad bar.

On another note, salad is healthy and Monica is known for being extremely fat in her youth but slimmer as an adult (probably thanks to eating lots of salad)!

Chandler Bing: Mac & Cheese

Just like mac & cheese, Chandler is extremely cheesy. His awkwardness leads him to constantly crack jokes and sarcastic remarks, which tend to leave others uncomfortable. At the same time, he is very lovable and a popular character on the show. And I mean, who doesn't love mac & cheese? It's the ultimate comfort food.

Side note: This is not in reference to Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E (sorry Joey!)

Rachel Green: Avocado Toast

Rachel grew up very spoiled and privileged. She also works in fashion, making her up to date on trends. What's more trendy than avocado toast? Avocados are also expensive, which fits Rachel's lavish lifestyle. On top of that, avocado toast is most commonly found served at hipster coffee shops and Rachel’s very first job was at Central Perk, a coffee shop their friend group commonly frequented. Coincidence? I think not.

Ross Geller: Bologna Sandwich

Ross is awkward and nerdy. He is not really anybody's favorite character and he is just kind of there. And what's more awkward and weird than a bologna sandwich? It's the type of food that nobody will request, but if it's there they'll eat it. Also, Ross got suspended from work over his beloved "Moist Maker" sandwich, so a sandwich is only fitting to describe him.

Joey Tribbiani: Pizza

Like pizza, Joey is Italian. He comes from a large Italian family, and he references his heritage many times throughout the show. Also, pizza is really cheesy and so are Joey's pick up lines (How you doin'?). Joey loves food and even coined the term "The Joey Special," which means ordering two pizzas.

Phoebe Buffay: Tofu

Phoebe is extremely earthy and unique. One of her trademarks is being a vegetarian and she constantly makes her friends feel bad about eating meat. Because of these things, Phoebe would be tofu. Tofu seems pretty weird most people, which is just like Phoebe's personality. No animals are harmed in the making of tofu, which is right up Phoebe's alley (minus the time she ate meat during her pregnancy).