I'm a cheese fanatic. It's probably my second favorite food next to chocolate. Cheese pairs perfectly with many different foods and provides a creamy taste and texture that many people can't seem to get enough of. Whether it's on burgers, fries, sandwiches or salads, cheese takes these foods to the next level. Usually cheese needs to be refrigerated in order to stay fresh, but not Whisps which makes them easy to enjoy on-the-go.

What Are Whisps?

Photo courtesy of Whisps

Whisps are light and crunchy crisps made from just one primary ingredient: cheese. This high protein, low-carbohydrate snack is ideal for snacking throughout the day especially if you're in between classes or virtual Zoom meetings. 

Depending on your favorite kind of cheese, there are seven flavors to choose from: Barbeque, Cheddar, Tangy Ranch, Parmesan, Nacho, Asiago Pepper Jack and Tomato Basil. 

My personal favorites are the Barbeque and Cheddar. Craving a crunch to your deli sandwich? Place some Whisps on top of your favorite deli sandwich or mac and cheese to add a satisfying crunch and even more cheese. The more cheese the better if you ask me. 

Where To Find Whisps

This keto-friendly and gluten-free snack is available on Amazon and in single-serve, 12 count packs for easy purchase and lunch-size snacking.

In addition to major retailers such as Target, Costco, Publix and Wegmans, you can check out this product locator to find a store that carries Whisps near you!