Starting in September 2016, NBC's This is Us has proven to be a TV series of twisting, intertwining and honest life stories. The series' characters and events are relatable and reflect elements of the everyday American family. Just like Girl Scout cookies, This is Us characters have personalities to fit each of your favorite flavors. 

Kate: S'mores

Similar to the three ingredients in a Girl Scout S'mores cookie, Kate is layered with emotions, struggles and the hurt of wearing her heart on her sleeve. She is sweet but definitely battling the hidden pains of her past. She is dedicated to her family, as loyal as a Girl Scout and willing to put her siblings' problems in front of her own.

As the first season of This is Us progresses, as well as her relationship with Toby, viewers peel apart the layers of Kate's past, understanding her sticky hardships and scars. Through her fight for weight loss and father's death, Kate maintains her beauty and hope, like the sweet layers between a S'more's grahams, as she persists to build an improved life from her past pain.

Kevin: Trefoils

Kevin has been known for being a heartthrob. Like the Girl Scout logo baked into the Trefoils' traditional shortbread, Kevin is sometimes synonymous for his good looks as the Manny—his TV role of a male nanny.

But, more than being the face of a sitcom, Kevin finds value in tradition and family. When lost and unsure of his career, he turns to the faith and trust of his siblings, which allows him to discover himself through learning to love and care for others.

Similar to the Trefoil cookie's roots in Girl Scout history and tradition, Kevin stays grounded through his family with their love and traditions. He looks forward to playing the role of Pilgrim Jack on Thanksgiving, and often tries to imagine how his father would've acted in his own life decisions.

Jack: Thanks-A-Lot 

A dedicated father and faithful husband, it's often hard to find a major flaw in Jack. His caring, nurturing nature is sometimes overlooked as the busy family man and father of three children. 

As adults, Jack's children remember their father as a remarkable, irreplaceable man who shaped their lives. Like a dedicated, thoughtful Thanks-A-Lot, Jack is always kind and caring for others and his family.

His love is simple, like the shortbread with a thin layer of chocolate. His warm and gracious heart constantly spreads love similar to the notes of appreciation baked into the Thanks-A-Lot cookies.

Rebecca: Lemonades

A loving mother and talented singer, Rebecca is the classic sweet and tangy Girl Scout Lemonades. Her beauty and energy is refreshing. Just like a Lemonade cookie compliments the perfect summer day, Rebecca's care for her family compliments that of her loyal husband's. The two create a loving, irresistible couple. 

Topped with lemon icing, Lemonades not only look elegant, but also taste delicious. Rebecca's beauty is reflected both inside and out, through her gorgeous looks and dedication to her husband and children.

Toby: Samoas

Toby is as sassy as a Samoa cookie. The Girl Scout Samoa (aka Caramel deLite) has a lot going on, from its caramel and toasted coconut to the careful lines of chocolate icing. 

Likewise, Toby is full of charisma, and doesn't let his battle with weight loss or past struggles affect his present happiness. He is charming with a humorous soul and always cracking jokes to make Kate smile. He is a warm hug of comfort just like the classic Samoa cookie brightening everyone's day.

Randall: Thin Mints

Like the dense, mint-chocolate flavored Thin Mint, Randall is a man of class and intellect. His desire for knowledge and perfection springs from his desire to please the people he cares most about, his family.

He is humble, dedicated to honesty and hard work and wants to better the lives around him. Similarly, the Girl Scout's Thin Mints appear to be simple in flavor but are packed with a bold mint flavor.

Even though Randall is not related to his siblings by blood, he is faithful and not afraid to be the bold sibling who reminds them of the importance of the Big Three's lasting bond.

Just as Thin Mints have become a fan-favorite due to their mix of chocolate and peppermint, Kate and Kevin love Randall for helping them stay grounded through his mixture of selfless love, humor and care. 

Beth: Savannah Smiles

Beth is genuine and gorgeous like a Savannah Smile. Her honesty comes from a caring heart, but is sometimes sharp and zesty like the crisp lemon wedge. She keeps Randall in check and brings humor into his occasionally too perfect, rigid lifestyle.

Her warm energy and loving concern for the well-being of her family is spread through her home and lifestyle, like the powdered sugar covering and dusting off a Savannah Smile. Beth brings a light and refreshing attitude to keep her family positive through William's decline.

So, while waiting for the next season of This is Us, go support your local Girl Scouts, grab your favorite cookieor even make your own—and snack during reruns of this heart-wrenching, addicting first season.