12. Lemonades 
Basically shortbread cookies with lemon icing, so they aren’t too different from trefoils (#5). And only 16 cookies in a box? What a ripoff.

11. Savannah Smiles
I have never been a huge fan of citrus-y desserts, which is probrably why I am not in love with these lemon cookies with powdered sugar. But hey, if you like lemons and powdered sugar, these Savannah Smiles might just make you smile.

do si dos

Photo by Daisy Dolan

10. Do-si-dos
Crunchy oatmeal cookies on the outside and smooth peanut butter on the inside. Yum.


Photo by Daisy Dolan

9.Thank You Berry Munch
With cranberries and white fudge chips,  these treats are the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness.

8. Chocolate Chip Shortbread 
Finally a gluten-free Girl Scout treat! And who doesn’t love chocolate chips imbedded in buttery shortbread cookies?

7. Cranberry Citrus Crisps
New this season, this cookie packs in 9 grams of whole grain and real fruit to form a sweet but also healthy treat without added sugar or artificial flavoring. First a gluten-free cookie and now a healthy one? How trendy!

6. Thanks-a-lot
Shortbread cookies with fudge. Enough said.

5. Trefoils 
Probably the most boring cookie of them all, but who can resist the a nice neutral buttery treat? And with 40 cookies in one box, these cookies are a pretty sweet deal.

4. Dulce de Leche 
Two words: caramel chips.

3. Tagalongs 
Basically a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in cookie form. Need I say more?


Photo by Daisy Dolan

2. Thin Mints 

thin mints

Photo by Daisy Dolan

Minty, fresh, and chocolatey goodness. If you eat these without freezing them first, you are eating them wrong.

1. Samoas
Someone needs to write poems about this cookie. Caramel, coconut and chocolate come together to form the most delicious Girl Scout cookie. And it’s the only cookie with a hole in the middle, like a donut!


Photo by Daisy Dolan