Everyone who has taken advantage of the Queen's meal plan personally identifies with a food item offered on the menu, whether it's because the waffle fries were there for you during that post-break up binge or because you live for Location's all-day breakfast. But if the residence buildings were meal plan items, what would they be?

Victoria Hall: 4-Piece

True classics and loved by all, Vic and the 4-piece go hand-in-hand. 

Leonard Hall: Pizza

Regardless of the time, day, or season, Lenny will always be there. Its pizza is the most reliable food on the menu, with a wide selection accounting for all tastes. Much like the people Lenny houses, its pizza leaves no student behind.

Brant & Smith: Burritos

Everyone who has had the pleasure of living in Brant or Smith is well aware of their reputation for being the place for parties. Just like Lazy's burritos, these residences are jam-packed with fun and excitement. Both residence fees and Lazy's burritos are on the pricey side, but at the end of the night, they're well worth the splurge.

Leggett: All-Day Breakfast

Home to the front desk, Leggett has the answers to all your questions and serves all your needs. Likewise, Location's ADB will never fail you. Fulfilling everything you could want and need in a meal, you can't go wrong with this hearty choice.

Watts: Sushi

This often overlooked residence identifies most with Location's sushi bento box. It's easy to have high expectations, but being the lesser single-plus residence of the three located on campus, bad and boujee quickly turns tacky.

Gord-Brock: Cheeseburger

Gord is known for always being lit, whether there's an occasion for it or not. That said, what better way to soak up alcohol than with a greasy cheeseburger? It's the perfect drunk food to wrap up a night of smashing ceiling tiles and punching holes in the walls (coughcoughGord4coughcough).

West Campus: Omelette Bar

Is it true that West is best? If one thing's for sure, it's that the omelette bar at Lenny definitely is. Much like West's distance from Main Campus, the omelette bar is guaranteed to have a long line. It's easy to question whether or not it's worth the trip (spoiler alert: it always is). The heart wants what it wants.

Chown: Popcorn Chicken Poutine

I know what you're thinking: "WTF?" From the outside you're questioning, "Should I even be here right now? Should I be doing this?" But, on the inside, it's absolutely DOPE. The best decision you've made all week and you'll definitely be back again.

McNeill: Snack Wraps

This beloved res is always home to a diverse bunch, making it unique and welcoming in its own way. Much like Lazy's snack wraps, there's ample opportunity for customization to suit your needs. Most importantly, they're both small but pack a punch.

The best part of being at Queen's is knowing that, just like our meal plan, we have residences that fit everyone's needs and preferences.