Jane the Virgin is a mockery of a telenovela (or soap opera) with many twists and turns. Similarly to different types of coffee drinks, each character on Jane the Virgin has their own unique personality that makes him or her special. 

Americano: Xiomara

An Americano consists of a single or double-shot of espresso brewed with added water. The drink is strong and slightly edgy, just like Xiomara.

Cappuccino: Rogelio

Rogelio, Jane's dad and telenovela star, believes in the mantra "go big or go home." A Cappuccino is a fancier take on coffee that fits Rogelio's high expectations.

Classic Coffee: Rafael

Rafael is calm and kind. You can never go wrong with a classic cup of coffee. Rafael is kind and is always there for his family, just like coffee is always there for you. 

Espresso: Abuela

Jane's Abuela is all about following family traditions. Just like espresso, she is strong and old-timey, but still the coolest grandma around.

Frappe: Jane

Jane is sweet, smart, and is a strict rule-follower. She intends to keep her promise to stay a virgin until marriage. Just like a frappe, she is innocent and not so bitter. 

Latte: Michael

Michael's choice of drink is a Venti latte. But there are more reasons why this choice of drink is fitting. Michael is sophisticated, yet fun. 

Macchiato: Petra

When you get a macchiato, it looks light, but it soon mixes with coffee and becomes slightly bitter, slightly sweet. Petra may come off as a sweet and submissive ex-trophy wife, but she is a major threat to all. 

Mocha: Mateo

Mateo is the cutest kid, full of life and adventure. A mocha fits him because the bit of chocolate gives us a sense of our childhood innocence. 

Jane the Virgin is a show full of twists and turns, but the characters keep it real and always have us wanting more.