As the leaves turn, so do our taste buds turn to the familiar taste of pumpkin that reminds us of Halloweens and Thanksgivings gone by. The classic PSL satisfies, but don't settle for a simple latte when you can have Boston Burger Co.'s epic seasonal frappe: the Great Pumpkin Frappe.

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Emma Noyes

For those unfamiliar, a frappe is pronounced "frap" (not "fra-pay") and roughly equates to a milkshake. But Boston Burger Co.'s "freak frappes" are bringing this Massachusetts tradition to the same level as the "freakshakes" that clog up your Insta feed.

The PSL kind of tastes like pumpkin pie. But it also kind of tastes like coffee, and I know that you're not drinking that calorie bomb for its caffeine.

The pumpkin frappe doesn't bother with the pretense of coffee. As my friend said when she tried it, "Woah...This tastes exactly like pumpkin pie." It does. Go try it for yourself.

To drive the point home, an entire slice of pumpkin pie sits squarely on top of the glass. The slice is good, but best garnish is by far the Graham cracker-coated frosting layer on the outside of the cup. We were scraping it off by the spoonful.

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Emma Noyes

In case you're still hungry after that monster, Boston Burger Co. has an extensive list of burgers to try. Sample one of their 29 suggested combinations, such as the Ranch Burger above.

Or reach into the realm of the ridiculous, with burgers like The King (peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas sprinkled with cinnamon sugar) or the Killer Bee, pictured below. 
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Emma Noyes

If you somehow can't find something that interests you among the 29 options, you can always design your own burger. The possibilities are endless.

So endless, in fact, that you don't even need your burger to be a burger. Any patty can be substituted for a turkey burger or a veggie burger, and anti-bread advocates can remove the bun from the plate entirely or replace it with salad greens.

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Emma Noyes

You could go to Starbucks and get a PSL with a microwaved croissant. Alternately, you could go to Boston Burger Co. and get a pumpkin frappe with a six inch tall burger. The choice is yours.