The school year is coming to an end, finals are approaching and stress is in the air. For some people the only natural response to this is to binge-watch some Netflix and order takeout. "Friends," in my opinion, is a universally loved show and great for all your binge-watching needs. 

"If you could be one of the main six characters, which one would you be?" is a question most "Friends" fans have been asked (I'm a Monica.) You can take that question to the next level. Do you wonder what the gang would be as Thanksgiving foods? Or as ice cream flavors?

These are the questions that keep me awake at night. Now I wonder, what Champaign-Urbana restaurants do each of the "Friends" characters most relate to? Well, wonder no more. I found each character's perfect Champaign-Urbana restaurant match. 

Ross Geller: Jurassic Grill

Yukyeong Kim

Dr. Ross Geller is known for his goofy and admirable personality. One of his biggest obsessions is with dinosaurs and all things ancient—he is a paleontologist after all. No restaurant is more fitting for geeky Ross than Jurassic Grill.

Known for their massive burgers and specialty fries fit for prehistoric appetites, Ross would totally fangirl over all the dinosaur references. You can order a Compy burger (single patty), T-Rex burger (double patty), Herbivorous burger (veggie burger), or their biggest concoction, the Brontosaurus burger, which includes a fried egg, ham and bacon.

Rachel Green: Sakanaya

nigiri, ginger, crab, tuna, shrimp, sushi
Evelyn Tarnovsky

Rachel Green is known for her expensive taste and slightly spoiled lifestyle. Sakanaya, one of Champaign's highest quality sushi restaurants, is definitely a restaurant Rachel would visit frequently if she were an Illini. 

Sakanaya is a match made in heaven for a sushi loving princess. Known for their extensive list of specialty rolls, Sakanaya is the perfect place to kick that sushi craving if you're willing to spend the bucks (some rolls run as high as $18.) It's also a great place to grab dinner with your friends, which is fitting for Rachel's likable and social personality. 

Joey Tribbiani: Papa Del's

tomato, mozzarella, cheese, sauce, pepperoni, pizza
Alexa Polinsky

Joey Tribbiani, also known as Dr. Drake Ramoray on "Days of Our Lives," is known for his energetic, charismatic and friendly personality. One thing Joey is passionate about is pizza. Joey's lovable personality and constant hunger for pizza makes Papa Del's the perfect restaurant for him. 

Papa Del's is known for their extra thick, deep dish pizzas. These pies are perfect for sharing, or good for someone with an extra hungry appetite. Also, Joey is quite smooth with the ladies. Papa Del's is a great place for a casual date, showing even another reason why Joey and Papa Del's go together so well.

Phoebe Buffay: Red Herring

Phoebe Buffay is probably the most unique character in "Friends." She is adventurous and caring about a wide variety of issues. Her love for animals is not only indicated by her smash hit, "Smelly Cat," but also by her being a vegetarian. The Red Herring, a vegetarian restaurant in Urbana, is perfect for Phoebe's dietary needs. The bright decor also fits well with her colorful personality. 

The Red Herring serves up delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes that are inspired by different cultures. Phoebe is quite worldly, being that she is fluent in French. The Vegan Fusion Dinner (a vegan meal inspired by flavors from a select country served every Wednesday) would provide Phoebe with a cultured and animal-friendly meal that suits her personality perfectly. 

Monica Geller: The Bread Company

Monica Geller is known for her extremely organized, neurotic and hopeless romantic personality. Monica loves good food, which is noted by her being a professional chef and the running joke of her being an overweight child. The Bread Company would so be a restaurant Monica would eat at frequently if she were an Illini. 

The Bread Company is known for their European inspired dishes and being a great place for a romantic dinner date. Some of the highlights from their menu include cheese fondue, mussels and bruschetta, which are all perfect to share with somebody special. This place would be perfect for Monica and Chandler to go on a date.

Chandler Bing: Maize Mexican Grill 

fish, bread, tacos, tomato, parsley, chicken, cheese, meat, vegetable
Evelyn Tarnovsky

Chandler Bing is reliable, quirky and lovable. In a funny way, his life is kind of always falling apart—just like a burrito. Maize is one of the most loved restaurants on campus, which is indicated by the customers lined up outside of the restaurant daily. Chandler would definitely be a constant customer at Maize if he lived in Champaign.

Maize serves delicious food made by staff that really know the art of Mexican cooking. An extensive menu ranging from tacos and burritos to carne asada gives options for everyone to enjoy. 

Feeling stressed about finals? Grab your laptop, turn on some "Friends" and go stress eat from some of these restaurants in honor of your favorite characters.