Ah, Valentine's Day, the day where it is so easy to identify someone's relationship status based off their facial expression. Whether you plan on spending the day with the ole' ball and chain or using the day to celebrate your independence, we all know that your one true love is food. So why not spend the day eating at a romantic Champaign-Urbana restaurant to show your affection for food (and maybe your significant other, too.)

These ten restaurants are the perfect places to eat at on Valentine's Day in Champaign-Urbana:

1. Seven Saints

Meredith Marcus

Seven Saints is the perfect place for you and your date to head to if you want to be in a sleek and sexy environment but want to eat some casual food. With the dimmed lights and the dark wood furnishing, this is the classiest place in Champaign that you and your date can devour six hamburger sliders each without feeling one ounce of guilt.

2. Sakanaya

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Meredith Marcus

Sakanaya is the ideal restaurant to eat at on Valentine's Day when you want to impress your date without venturing far off campus. With so many delicious rolls to choose from, you and your date can order a variety of them and share them together to have a fresh and fun night. 

3. The Bread Company

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William OuYang

The Bread Company is an Urbana favorite. It's the perfect romantic spot if you want a beautiful gourmet meal, but don't want to trek too far off campus. Show your knowledge of European and Swiss cuisine off to your date by ordering fondue or raclette, which are both also perfect for sharing.

4. Big Grove Tavern

William OuYang

While many people hit up Big Grove Tavern for brunch on the weekends, they seem to forget that they also have an amazing dinner menu. With a selection of tasty meals to order and their chic and upbeat vibes it makes for the perfect place for a pleasant night while laughing and eating with your loved one. 

5. Miga

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William OuYang

Miga is a good option for those of you who are celebrating a second or third Valentine's Day together. Their unique dinner and cocktail menu is constantly raved about and the restaurant's modern and snazzy style is sure to make you and your loved one's day feel extra special.

6. Radio Maria

William OuYang

Easily one of the most unique restaurants in C-U, Radio Maria is the perfect place to get a small meal with your date while checking out the awesome deco inside the restaurant. Since Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday, you'll also be able to enjoy Radio Maria's Tuesday special: half price glasses of wine.

7. V. Picasso

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William OuYang

Being one of the classiest and coziest restaurants in downtown Champaign, sitting inside the rustic V. Picasso is a great way to spend Valentine's Day. Although it's known for being a wine bar, don't be fooled—their food is absolutely spot on as well.

8. Wedge Tequila Bar & Grill

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William OuYang

If you are trying to get a little frisky on Valentine's Day night, then Wedge Tequila Bar & Grill is the restaurant for you. Start off by ordering some of their zesty and fresh tacos before pounding back some flavorful drinks and let the night take its course.

9. Timpone's

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William OuYang

Timpone's is a hidden gem that many students don't know about. The authentic Italian restaurant is located right next to the popular music venue Canopy Club. With an expansive menu that serves all of the finest Italian meals, like pizza and fresh pasta, Timpone's makes the perfect restaurant to feel like you have run off to Italy without actually leaving Urbana.

10. Silvercreek

William OuYang

Silvercreek is an Urbana classic. If you are looking for a show-stopping romantic gesture away from campus, definitely head over to Silvercreek. Their chef is preparing a special set menu for Valentine's Day and there will be live music. You can even enjoy your dinner from their greenhouse seating.

At the end of the day, taking your loved one out to dinner should put a smile on their face no matter what. If you already know what kind of food they like, then you have a head start. But if not, decide what kind of vibe you want the night to have and choose one of these romantic places in Champaign-Urbana.