I couldn't tell you the last time I ate from a drive-thru. Not really because I'm against fast food or something, I've just been busy. But today, you can call me the Hamburglar because my friend Caroline and I walked through the McDonald's drive thru. (PSA: you totally should call me the Hamburglar, but, I didn't steal anything).

I'm not going to lie to you- there were two major issues when it came to actually completing this adventure. 

The first was that I go to school in DC- there simply are not drive thru's. People like waiting in line here? I guess? What's more likely though is that college students don't typically have their cars with them if they go to school in a big city. So, of course, I had no choice but to walk through a drive thru, and it was really just my destiny, sort of, not really?

I called 6 McDonald's before I found a drive thru. Wild.

My second problem was that I didn't want to be totally rude to the people who are working at the register. I've seen those Buzzfeed articles about drive thru horror stories and I did NOT want to become one of them.  

Nevertheless, we set off.

We definitely got some weird looks when we joined the line. Nobody honked at us but we did have to explain to a couple patient customers that we were on assignment.

Caroline Safran

There was a third major problem that we did not see coming.

Drive thru's work because of weight sensors that let the cashier know that a car is there. Caroline and I tried our hardest but we could not make ourselves known to the cashier. Luckily, a very nice lady let us take advantage of her car's weight and we ordered with her. Small French fries, hash browns and a McChicken (that was for our new friend).

Caroline Safran

When we got to the window the ladies standing at the register were cracking up. They kept saying to us, "We were looking for your car!". 

Caroline Safran

We walked to the second window after paying, got our food and got out of line as quickly as possible (some people in line were starting to get annoyed with our human level speed abilities).  

This whole idea came from wanting an activity to do as a college student who gets a little bored on a Saturday afternoon. It's an activity that doesn't require a car or that much money. It was honestly so much fun, I laughed so hard and I got French fries. What more could I ask for?

Caroline Safran

Until next time!

...seriously though, I didn't steal anything.