Are you paying big bucks at some five-star steak house and finding yourself almost punching the waiter in the face because he "forgot" to serve your mashed potatoes with your entree? Well, studies have shown that fast food restaurants got better overall customer service ratings than sit down restaurants did... so that's why these six restaurants are at the top of the list and killing it.

1. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is named the "best drive-through in America." You will not find any Chick-fil-A employee saying, "You're welcome" or "No problem." Instead, employees are told to say "My pleasure," leaving customers with a fancier response, making them feel like they just got a meal from a 5-star restaurant.

2. Five Guys

Ever wonder why Five Guys put an emphasis on the fries? Well, let's just say the employees are very generous. For every burger and fries ordered, employees dump an extra scoop of fries in your bag. They’re giving customers one and a half orders of fries for the price of one _ every time... with no extra cost!

3. Panera Bread

Customers love when their food arrives quick after ordering, but if their pickle on the side or the fact that you asked for no mayo doesn't happen, then forget it! Panera Bread focuses not only on getting things done quickly, but on getting things done properly.

They've invested in improved buttons at the workstations to indicate whether orders are modified or not, which is usually the cause of orders being botched.

Also, employees must repeat orders back to the customer to receive a verbal confirmation of their order. This leaves customers feeling assured that their broccoli cheddar soup will be coming in a bread bowl, like they asked, because who even likes soup in a regular bowl these days?

4. Jimmy John's

The bread is baked fresh daily and all the adds on to your sub sandwich are free. But the real selling point for Jimmy John's customers is their "freaky fast delivery." Pretty sure I've ordered a #4 Turkey Tom and it has been to my front door in 11 minutes... freaky.

5. Sonic

What's better than going through a drive-thru and having your food magically come out of a window!? Well, at Sonic, your food is delivered to you on roller skates. Yes, this requires their employees to have the skill to not drop your milkshake on the way out to your car, but boy is it entertaining to watch!

6. Mcdonald's

Let there be breakfast. After years and years of customers complaining that McDonald's breakfast menu was not available all day, they bit the bullet and invested in new griddles so they can make Egg McMuffins and Big Macs, at the same time, ALL DAY LONG. I'm a "breakfast for dinner" kinda girl, so this has undoubtedly left me satisfied. 

If your food comes out to your car on roller skates or is delivered to your house in record time, is that really going to hold you back from enjoying a burger at your favorite spot? Answer is: probably not. However, fast food places are trying to step it up in their customer service aspect, so don't be surprised if a free chicken McNugget is thrown into your Happy Meal next time you're going through the drive-thru.