When I heard about Trader Joe's birthday cake bar, I instantly knew that I had to try it. As a big fan of anything birthday cake and Trader Joe's-related, I was expecting it to be epic. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed — a rare occurrence when it comes to TJ's products.

What's the deal? 

On the front of the package, it says it is a "white chocolate bar with cookie crumbs and sprinkles". It is meant to be an on-the-go birthday cake. It is a great idea for that friend that you feel like you should get her something for her birthday, but you aren't close enough with her to get her a whole birthday cake. Trader Joe's kills it by coming up with yet another innovative and trendy sweet that basic girls will go nuts over.

My honest opinion

Honestly, it was a pretty big let down. It pretty much tasted like a white chocolate bar with a few sprinkles in it and absolutely no cookie crumbs to be found. While I love birthday cake flavored things (like birthday cake croissants), I'm not a huge white chocolate fan. Overall, I found it very similar to a plain white chocolate bar that you could find anywhere.

Bottom line

If you are a fan of white chocolate, I would say you should definitely go for it. Maybe sprinkle it over some birthday cake flavored ice cream for a yummy treat. Next time, I think I'll just stick with the cookie butter